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Those Upper Taillight Reflectors...

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The never-ending search for those upper reflectors for the rear taillights seem to yield very little results. Either order them from the dealer, or buy them on eBay and wait months to be shipped from Europe.

I came across this website that searches junkyard inventories. You can select your specific year, make, and model, and even your specific part you are looking for. You can even narrow down the region to search.


I did a nationwide search for these reflectors, and found quite a few. I inquired pricing and shipping estimates from as many as I can find. Only one responded (there are about 10 other ones I found).

After some conversation, I had a set of reflectors sent to me for $70. 






Installation was a breeze: two torx scews and a little prying gets them popped right off. I definitely will go back to this site for any other parts inquiries as well.

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Can you post the limk to the junkyard inventory search website!

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I got mine from the eBay listings. Turned out fine, just a bit of a wait. But it's not like it's a critical repair, just dress up so not a big deal.

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