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    OEM tires and wheelspin

    I assume the Firestone tires on my van are OEM. They are five years newer than the van, but it was county owned before I got it, and I suspect they just bought tires every five years from the dealership. There's no way they could have been worn out from mileage. So, here's the question. I get a lot of wheelspin from a standing start on hills when it's wet. This is unusual, since I don't drive hard. Is this normal, or do these tires just suck?
  2. WillMartin

    Ford Transit Connect meets Focus RS

    Dayum! That would be fun. I have thought stuffing a big V8 in the cargo area to turn one into a Q-ship would be a lot of fun. Expensive and useless as a van, but it would surprise just about everyone who argued with it. One of those from Ford would not be as stupid fast, but it would still be usable as a van. Which means it could be rationalized. That's the key to getting it into the garage. Nope, not a hot-rod, just a van...
  3. WillMartin

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    And what sizes are available. The stock wheels are going to go when the tires that are on my van go. They spun up again today, and it was mostly dry. They are absolutely awful tires. I'm guessing that the Firestones that are on my van are a step down from the original Contis, if that's what Ford put on TCs in 2009 when mine was built.
  4. I had a site inspection out of town this morning and managed to hit the button on the bottom of the transmission shift handle that turns off the overdrive gear. I didn't realize the button was there. The light on the dashboard was pretty clear about what was going on, as was the rpm level at freeway speed. Turning the van off and then back on again solved the problem, but I also looked it up in the owner's manual. Big as life it shows you how to turn the overdrive off and then back on. DOH! Live and learn. I thought it was pretty funny once it was sorted. If anybody is amused, then good. If not, then I'm just kinda dumb and have a weird sense of humor.
  5. WillMartin

    License plate mount

    Yep. My plate is screwed to the back of the van using self-drilling sheet metal screws for exactly this reason. The front plate is screwed on with the wrong screws forced into the plastic mounting bracket. Neither is going anywhere, and fortunately, neither has to go anywhere until the van is sold sometime in the distant, I hope, future.
  6. WillMartin

    доверять, но проверить

    I usually beat the EPA city estimate and don't beat the EPA highway estimate. Combined is a crap shoot.
  7. I routinely see first gen TCs for sale around here with more than 200K on them. One had over 300K. Miles, not KM. I don't know their service histories. I wouldn't buy one with that many miles, but I'm not you.
  8. I see lots of all of them around Seattle. I hardly saw any in Los Angeles. Beats me what that tells you.
  9. WillMartin

    доверять, но проверить

    Last fill up - 21 mpg. I was expecting a bit more, but then that tank included hauling PA gear and some other heavy stuff. The van was stacked to the ceiling with equipment. It did just fine, which made me happy.
  10. WillMartin

    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    That is quite the herd! I have a similar herd, except it's bass guitars. They take up less space, and my wife is not prone to telling me a need to get rid of one. For what it's worth, she was all for it when I bought my TC. She was funny about selling the Chevy van it replaced, too. She couldn't wait until I got rid of the one I had before, but the one the TC replaced was one she actually liked. Go figure. I like the blue paint on the one you got. That's a beautiful color.
  11. WillMartin

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    The tires on my van are not Contis. They are Firestone tires of some kind, and they are loud! They hunt around pretty badly on grooved pavement and when the road is rutted, as it often is here. Studded tires kill the roads and then kill windshields when the road gets kicked up, but that's a different issue. Stock size won't be an issue because the van has a new set of wheels waiting to go on when it gets tires. I'm just too cheap to throw away a set of tires, even crappy tires, that have way too much life left in them. Maybe it's time to get over it and look into Pirellis. If they are about the right size and can take the 49 psi pressure Ford says the back tires should have, then they sound like the way to go even if they are expensive.
  12. WillMartin

    Paint flaking off

    Thinking about this a little more - 2010 was during the time when all kinds of paint was moving to low VOC sealants. It didn't work as well as the stuff that kills everything for a while, and Transit Connects are not the only thing that had paint problems. Rickenbacker guitars were notorious for paint bubbling in the 2000s for a while. I think the paint chemistry problem has been solved now, but it sure wasn't for a while.
  13. WillMartin

    Disappearing wheel covers (??????)

    I have not lost one. Yet. I'm amazed at how easily the front wheels spin up on a wet road. But, even with wheel spin, no lost cover. Yet.
  14. WillMartin

    Merry Christmas

    And to you all a Happy New Year.
  15. WillMartin

    Modern day sedan delivery?

    Over the years, I have heard all of the bad jokes about vans and "free candy" signs. Mine has a different sign. It says "free champagne." I go for a different demographic. I think there's the potential for a beautiful friendship with Rick in Casablanca.
  16. WillMartin

    доверять, но проверить

    I have had mine for about three months and three tanks of fuel. The best calculated mileage was almost 25. The worst calculated mileage was just under 21. It's a 2010, so it has no displays about anything.
  17. WillMartin

    OEM Wipers

    Not long. A few months. Granted, it's a few Seattle months, which means lots of use, but they shouldn't be squeaking yet.
  18. WillMartin

    OEM Wipers

    I'm officially less thrilled with Bosch Icon blades than I was. They are not holding up well so far.
  19. There's another possibility. That's a leaky gasket in the intake somewhere. That lets coolant into the combustion chamber, where it gets burned off just fine, but causes the coolant levels to drop. It won't show on a pressure check, and my experience with that is usually on Chevy V8s, which are nowhere near Ford I4s, but it's a thought.
  20. WillMartin

    доверять, но проверить

    I don't believe much of anything, but I don't know how to prove the odometer reading one way or another. Being a bit of a geek, I do the math in my head based upon a reset trip meter after every tank of fuel and whatever the pump tells me I put into the tank. Both are probably a little off, but close enough for jazz. Nowhere close to 28 MPG, but so far, more than 20 mpg. I'm pretty happy after feeding a full size van.
  21. WillMartin

    focus st3 to a connect

    You won't miss the Focus if you have a bike like that KTM. Just saying. If I want to go fast, I ride the Daytona. If I have to haul stuff, I use the TC. Four wheels is for moving cargo from point A to point B. Two wheels is for fun.
  22. My 1970s shade tree dirt ball so-called mechanic wisdom: When I was racing motorcycles, I would change the oil after every weekend. I ran something like 0-30 mostly because it made less drag, which meant more horsepower. Coolant was nothing but distilled water. Mostly because ethylene glycerol is slippery as snot and banned from race bikes. Other than that, filters matter a lot, as everyone here seems to agree. I use distilled water in cooling systems along with whatever the specified coolant is. If you need to top up coolant, you usually have a problem that needs to be addressed. Distilled water is less than a buck most places, so why not use it? As far as flushing, the tap water that blows through the engine block and everywhere else isn't sitting in there very long. Not much of an issue, in my world. It doesn't have time to precipitate anything, have any kind of galvanic reaction to anything, or react to much of anything. Garden hose is fine. Plus, you cooling system will have stronger teeth if the water has fluoride. That's a big deal for those of us who have a certain kind of ancestry and still have all our own teeth. Oil is pretty cheap also, relative. My TC is hardly a racing vehicle of any kind, and I drive gently (sez me). No hard starts, no hard braking if I can help it. I have only spun the wheels a couple of times now in a few months of owning my TC. I count that as pretty gentile. Get it up to temperature and the oil should be hot enough to burn off whatever blow-by contaminants that get into it. With a decent filter, the rest should be a moot point. So, I'm OK with the 5K mile change interval. The viscosity recommendation is pretty much what I care about. You paid a lot for these pixels. You got every penny's worth.
  23. I would like a small Mercedes van, the Metris. I also have no intention of spending twice as much for about 3% more that I might use. I would have expected Los Angeles to be full of commercial TCs and other, similar vans, but that wasn't the case. They still seem to like big vans. Go figure. I sure don't care what the bling types want, since I can't use a non-commercial style mini van for my purposes anyway. Powered mirrors are a new luxury as far as I'm concerned. Electric windows? I feel like the king of all I can see when I have electric windows!
  24. WillMartin

    Cant wait to buy 1! For work and Fun

    I have found my first gen TC to feel quicker than the Chevy Express it replaced. The Chevy had a pushrod 305 motor that was smooth but completely anemic. The Chevy didn't seem to notice weight. It couldn't get much slower than it already was. The TC feels a whole lot more responsive, and it doesn't feel like it is gasping for air like the Chevy did. That's just how bottled up V8s are in my experience.
  25. WillMartin

    Paint flaking off

    There's some missing paint on my 2010. It's on the roof, so I figure some rust conversion primer and rattle can white Krylon will work just fine.