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  1. Prairie Pyro

    2012 Connect Last gear not engaging on the Highway

    Yes there is a filter. I dont know the suggested change interval but your probably over due. The torque convertor holds about a gallon and that is hard to get a change on when dropping the atf. 7 quart total. So only get about 3 quarts out when dropping the pan. A poor mans flush will help exchange out more of the used fluid. My shift point is about 50 mph to 4th gear. Same as my Scion Xb with 4 speed.
  2. Prairie Pyro

    2012 Connect Last gear not engaging on the Highway

    How many miles on the transit?
  3. Prairie Pyro

    Rear hatch license plate mounting holes

    Yes. Our state wants to know owner has a proper drivers license and insurance.
  4. Prairie Pyro

    New Owner

    They have made glass thinner to keep weights down and it sometimes dose not take much to start a crack. I had not had a glass issue on a vehicle till 2007. Have had three windows now in year and half. Now if I have a window crack I may have to pay for it out of pocket to keep my insurance from bumping up if within a year from last window replacement. Road destruction has been hard on the vehicles around here but we had a very nice winter last year and so more road heaves and breaking up.
  5. Prairie Pyro

    Transmission fluid change

    Well I was to late on the tranny at 179k. The engine had a weak valve and the cost to get the head fixed was the same as getting a low milage 2.0 and with the engine out comes the transmission and had it totally rebuilt as the shop said it had wear due to improper OCI that also ate up the valve body. So a $1400 rebuild turned into $2300. Two year warranty. Shop manager said there was no issue with temps but a better exchanger wouldn't hurt. Seems all is working good now. More attention to OCI and I hope it lasts for a long time.
  6. Prairie Pyro

    Seats for 2010-2012 Ford Transit

    There had been several for sale up here on Craigslist as people convert to campers or haulers. Start checking at salvage yards.
  7. Will do. I just got the van back this afternoon with the low miles engine and the totally rebuilt transmission. New ball joints and front brakes with drilled and slotted rotors. Everything is running and stopping smooth. Will be doing some minor running around to get things and maybe see Magnificent 7 this weekend and have the shop check everything again on Monday. If I feel brave I might order the reciever hitch.
  8. I have a obd2 bluetooth unit and have the torque lite app loaded to a Samsung Tab. Just used it yesterday to clear a evap code after cleaning the fuel cap gasket on a Nissan. Thinking of buying the full version for $5. The picture you showed nothing on tranny? I can get a decent Hyden Harden? fined 15x5x1 cooler kit for $20 so will run with that and change fluids on a regular basis.
  9. Prairie Pyro

    Rear hatch license plate mounting holes

    Dealer has to pay off the vehicle and then gets certificate of origin and that goes to dmv for title application and registration-payment of taxes. At least that's close to the way here in the state of ten thousand taxes.
  10. Cute little devise. I see why you would need to monitor the voltage.
  11. From looking at the filter and the transmission pan and its pretty simple affair to change on the Gen 1 and I got a Wix filter with gasket for under $18 ttd from Amazon. Only a 3 quart capacity so if the fluid is poor and dirty I can see things going bad pretty fast. If I were to do a change annually my outlay would be around $35+- using a Valvoline Maxlife full synthetic. I wonder if there is a transmission temp monitor that one can monitor via the OSB2 port? Will have to hook up the bluetooth OSB device to the torque app and see. Moving to south TX and heat could be a issue.
  12. As someone already posted, pay attention to the transmission fluid and its change intervals. I got a tranny back from rebuilder and was told the wear issue it had was from not being changed properly and not from heat. My TC has a simple w unfinned exchanger and will probably get a bit better unit as they are cheap and easy to install. Total rebuild including valve body and drum with update $2300. Probably would have been better off getting a rebuild online but shop is very good and does not take short cuts. May be getting hitch so I can use a kayak loader
  13. I recently had AC issues on a large truck and that the cab fan would not run and once the R134 was back to normal levels all was well again. The smart logic to save systems sometimes can be perplexing. 12 bucks for the R134 sure beat a new controller or fan assembly. Good luck
  14. Prairie Pyro

    Window Tint

    Seems every state has thier rules. I can put film on side windows and rear in MN. But the drivers and passenger windows are limited to amount of tint. I got stopped with my front windows that had a mirrored gradiant tint that allowed me great vision on the lower part and kept the sun out on the higher part. Soon as I get to south Texas one of my first things to get done will be to get everything thats legal to get covered.
  15. Prairie Pyro


    Average age of american cars on the road is over 11 years. Once we got rid of the carburator that was washing the cylinder walls with gas when cold and some better oil we had a chance at getting past 100k without much issue. There was a Toyota pickup owner that was on tv that the manufacture took back his truck and gave him a new one after he went past 1 million miles having the dealer do the normal maintenance. Still the original engine and drive train.