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  1. It was a factory oem connector that was bad let it be known
  2. It was the small ground wire that is grounded at the battery the crimp on eyelet had a bad crimp/connection. Hasn't seen problem again. footnotes: these vans are G A R B A G E
  3. Van still acting like the battery is dead when u turn it off and take the key out all you can hear is a relay clicking super annoying and it won't go off until key is in the on position
  4. High cool fan was not working due to a 50amp fuse blowing. Ac was low 2 cans. I ripped the whole wiring harnass apart starting at the main fuse box under the hood. Started with the largest wires and traced out and confirmed either 12v 5v reference or ground. Found all kinds of s**t. The power junction splice between the alt coming in and battery coming out is a complete cluster f**k. Anyway the van is running great ac is mega cold and I didn't find anything to confirm a ground or power issue, so I'm sure the problem is still there we have only put 100 miles on it. I don't know where else to go with this issue. Again, i can only confirm its a power issue when the problem happens by going WOT once over 3k RPMs it has all the electrical power in the world. Lol
  5. Yes it does still having the problem. Fixing to sell the csr
  6. Belt is tight it's doing all kinds of s**t now like not turning the fans off
  7. Noticed today while driving that it will constantly lose power gauges flicker and radio goes off. If I floor the car and bring the RPMs over 3k it suddenly has all the electrical power in the world and all the flickering stops. I know it's got an internal voltage reg on the alternator all wires seem to be in tact I traced it back through the loom. Stumped thanks guys
  8. That's why I added an additional ground from the alternator bracket to the frame and it still is doing it. No I don't have a hydro meter
  9. Gbl, yes all assessories were on when it was tested. I wired up a gauge and brought it in the car, while running with all the shit on it never dropped under 14.0 volts.
  10. So update: this is beyond me. I'm only hoping and praying to any ford vet tech that is out there for the grace of God could save my soul for all its worth by helping me with this issue. heres what I have 2012 transit connect. Brand new battery and alternator. Car still will loose assesory power. Verify all positive feeds with multi meter battery 12.7 while off keeping a steady charge at 14.0~ volts while running ON BOTH battery post and alternator post while running. Grounds were not great I verified ground through multi meter negative and alternator case and engine case. I didn't like the 1.2-2.0 I was getting across it while running should be less than .05 So I added a 4 gauge ground wire from the ALTERNATOR bracket on the motor in between the engine block and the other end on the frame. JUST FOR REASUARANCE. And it fixed my problem it got the number down to .05 exactly so I thought for sure it fixed in fact it would go without doing the problem for 2 weeks then BAM. Out of no where is starts occurring again. Loose ac power radio power gauge cluster power. Engine will still run. Have to manually turn everything back on. so I throw the transit on the charger overnight on 2 amp deep cycle to the battery. And it works great for a couple days and then the prob ensues. It's like something is draining the battery while the transit is off and it's weak while driving. Any ideas I'm out of suggestions thanks
  11. I dont have to cycle the motor. the car stays running i just loose all accessory . power like radio ac gauges.
  12. update. went ahead and replaced the alternator and seems the car is still doing it. At idle before it was hanging out around 13.7 volts while running. Now its over 14 so im sure the alt was not running as efficient as it could be. But the damn thing is still doing it and im ready to burn the car to the ground. can any one else give me any insight on what it could be. We have a secuity light on the car now and it hesitates to start until the light is off. Also there is a clicking relay when the key is removed from the ignition and it only turns off if you turn the lights on. Weird ass ford problems. please help
  13. Car off it will see 12.7 volts car running can be anywhere from 12.8 to high 13s. I will check all grounds yet again but I can find a wiring diagram for gen1 any where. Can anyone point me in the direction of all the chassis grounds and engine harness grounds?
  14. traced back the 3 wire from alt it seems to be good checked fuses. HOWEVER with a ohm meter car will ready 12.7 with battery off and while running BARELY anything over 12.7-13.1volts bad alt?
  15. Hey guys was hoping you could help with a 2012 Transit we got a few months back. Problem started a few weeks after owning it. Transit Will turn off while in route (motor still running) we would loose radio a/c and gauge cluster. It would only turn off for a brief moment. This would happen ~10 times on a 20 min trip. Extremely annoying, because you would have to turn the a/c back on and what not. I diagnosed the car with a scanner no codes pending or in history. Checked battery it came out good. Checked alternator and it was showing charging volts. Went ahead and replaced battery any ways and when we did this car would work fine for 2-3 days and then the problem would occur again. Not sure where else to go from here ive done some research and found the single alternator wire has been known to be bad on these cars US and UK. Have not tore it out of the loom yet to see if that problem exists. However the car only has 60k miles would like to get this fixed it is a delivery van for a business and we need it A+. Thanks guys!