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  1. Top Cat

    Hubcaps for Sale

    I need one 2010 stock hubcap. Does anyone have one for sale?
  2. Top Cat

    am reception problems

    Since my last post, both the AM & FM bands of my 6000CD have become pretty bad. Now I only get clear reception on a FM station in Trenton, a mere 20 miles away from my home. All of the NYC and Philadelphia stations are totally static. They are impossible to listen to. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. Top Cat

    do i have blutooth capability?

    I am adding a question to Hvac Super Tech's question. Does anyone know what that CLIP feature is in the 6000 CD radio? I set mine to "ON," but I have no idea what it is that I set!
  4. Top Cat

    Just joined

    Hi and welcome Wil1!
  5. Top Cat

    2010 TC : chain or belt?

    That is all good news. Belts are a pain to replace!
  6. Top Cat

    side view mirror

    In the spirit of better late than never, there is a van conversion company in Illinois who are working on some 10 2013 TC's. Part of the contract apparently was a side mirror conversion. They are selling all of the stock 2013, heated, electric remote mirrors on ebay now. They are priced at US $180.00 for a pair. Here is the URL: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151123632768?item=151123632768&viewitem=&vxp=mtr I ordered a pair. As of today, there are eight sets left. I know that the heated circuit will take some work to install, but I will see what I get and figure out what I will need.
  7. Top Cat

    2010 TC : chain or belt?

    A service writer at Freehold Ford, in NJ, told me that it is a chain. Some websites mention a belt. I turned to www.FordParts.com as the official Ford Parts supplier to settle the question. I went to the website and entered my VIN, so that there would be no question about it at all. FordParts.com will sell me a timing chain, a timing chain tensioner arm, a timing belt guide plate and a timing belt tensioner arm. How nice! Now we are both confused.
  8. Top Cat

    Brake wear

    EBC emailed me back. They have no plans to make Redstuff pads for TC. Meanwhile, the new Hawk pads are a big improvement over OEM, or EBC Greenstuff.
  9. Top Cat

    Front Wheel Bearings

    My right front wheel bearing failed at 58,000 miles. It has been at the Ford dealer since July 10th, 2013. Eleven days later and my TC is still not repaired. They have a bearing press How long does it take?
  10. Top Cat

    Brake wear

    OK, it has been about a year with the EBC Greensuff brake pads. About 5,500 mostly highway miles. The brake pads are worn out! Total junk. None of the stopping confidence that you get with EBC Redstuff brakes. None of the lifespan either. Unfortunately, EBC only offers Greenstuff for the TC. I emailed EBC asking if they will soon provide Redstuff pads for the TC. No reply from them. So much for customer support. I decided to move on to Hawk HPS brake pads. I am expecting better stops and a longer lifespan from the Hawk pads.
  11. Do not buy Hanook tires for your TC. I bought a pair in the stock size and one of them exploded on I-95 in FLA. Scary stuff! I would not trust Hanook tires ever again.
  12. Thanks for posting this one Scott. I have a fancy tool for performing this belt change, but based upon your description, it will be faster to take off the wheel and the plastic cover as you described.
  13. Top Cat

    Brake wear

    I just added Speed Bleeders to the front calipers of my TC. For others who would like to add them, the actual size is M8 X 1.25. The Speed Bleeder part number is SB8125LL-SS. These are the stainless steel versions. Speed bleeders are also available in mild steel, but why borther? They work as advertised. Now, only one person, me, is needed to bleed, or flush my brakes. If you want a pair, go to www.speedbleeder.com, or call 1-815-736-6296. Edlebrock also markets them. I am not familiar with their product line, or part numbers, but you can look at their website too. Amazon.com sells them as well. I'll share the information for the rear brake cylinders on this page shortly.
  14. Top Cat

    Brake wear

    Today, I installed new Rabestos premium rotors, EBC Greenstuff pads, and Motul 5.1 brake fluid. It is too soon to determine just how good they are. I need about 500 miles to bed them in. One thing that I do have to say tho is a big THANK YOU to JWWOODY. I never could have installed that anti-vibration spring without your hint and taking the wheel off the other side to see exactly how the factory did it. BTW, this youtube vid shows an great way to remove a stuck rotor. I tried everything on my old rotor. I spent hours burning, banging with a sledge and spraying p-oil. This method had the rotor off in mere seconds.
  15. Top Cat


    I changed to Mobil 1 0W-20. That is the one with the green cap. It promises better fuel economy and it delivers. After the change, the MPG goes up a little, then as the miles roll by the MPG slowly goes back down. The MPG numbers are not breath taking, just 1, or 2 MPG. I figure that every little bit helps.