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  1. When the vehicle is shut off and the key removed , is there power going to the power points and lighter at all times? I have a bluetooth handsfree car kit that runs from either the lighter or power point, but i would like it in an outlet that shuts off with the van or i'm afraid that the handsfree might wear down the battery if left plugged in and on. I know that in my car if the interior light is left on and the car is locked , it will shut itself off after a while , i don't know if this might be the same with the TC. Anybody know the answer to this?? Thanks
  2. gordow

    Back up sensors not working

    Okay, an update. Tried looking for the codes on the dash display, the only thing that came close was "DTC C121 and C127" couldn't find anything about those codes anywhere. I put the vehicle in reverse and put my ear to the sensors, the outside left , inside right and outside right you could here a fast ticking noise coming from them , the inside left sensor there was no noise. I tried disconnecting the non ticking sensor but still got the shrill buzzer for ten seconds then nothing. I'm assuming that maybe that sensor is shot and the system needs all of them in working order and all plugged in for it to work properly. So am i to assume that a new sensor is required??
  3. gordow

    Back up sensors not working

    Thanks for the info on the LCD screen, i have a copy of that post already in the van and will check it out tomorrow to see if any of the codes above are showing. Will post what i find.
  4. when i put my van in reverse, after a couple of seconds i get i high pitched noise from the dash that lasts about 10 seconds or so, as in a warning buzzer. after it goes out i continue backing up but the sensors don't react to anything getting in their path. would this be a warning indicator that a fuse has blown, or does it mean that one or more of the sensors is bad? Or the whole system? i don't see a fuse in the manual that states its for the back up sensors. if it is a bad sensor would i be able to disconnect them one at a time and see if they start to work or the buzzer doesn't activate? can the system work okay if one of them is disconnected? thanks to all.
  5. short story, went to do into a underground parking garage, figured i wasn't going to make it and started to back out, it had a aluminum facade on it and it grabbed my antenna and pulled it off the vehicle. is there a way to re-attach this antenna or am i going to have to buy a whole new base and antenna and reinstall the whole thing. next question, if i do have to do the above, how do i get at the antenna base to remove it from the vehicle? any help forthcoming would be well appreciated. would like to get this fixed before the boss see's it
  6. Just the other day i started having problems with locking my TC. If i start the vehicle and put it in drive and drive away, all the doors lock fine. If i lock the doors with the key fob, as i usually do, all doors will look but the drivers. I have to open the drivers door, which then all the other doors unlock, manually lock the front door, close it, then use the key fob to lock all the other doors. When i go to unlock the van, i push the unlock on the key fob and all the doors unlock but the drivers, i either have to reach around from the side door and unlock it or use the key itself. I've tried to reprogram the key fob as shown in the manual, but to no avail. I really don't think that the battery in the fob is weak or it shouldn't open all the other doors, correct? But i had noticed over the last few weeks that i had to get closer to the vehicle for the fob to open it. Any suggestions folks?
  7. My Continentals are almost burned out at 42,000 Kms and are starting to look around at alternatives and i wonder what others have replaced them with ,, being the stock size i mean not upgrading rims etc. I've been toying with the idea of light truck tires instead of the passenger tires , even though the ride might be a little rougher , with my travel on rough roads and hauling a lot of weight at times and the different types of weather i encounter in a year , i would like the more aggressive tread found on the LTR's. Has anyone changed their passenger tires to the LTR's?? Thanks for your input everyone.
  8. gordow

    Continental Tire life

    My work Transit is burning through really fast as well ,, i've got 42,000 Kms on mine and they too are wearing flush to the wear bars in the middle of the front tires and less so on the sides ,, almost like a cupping. They were originally on the back up to about 36,000 kms and then rotated to the front ,, the ones on the back now are in better shape but not much so. I think that i'm going to look into light truck tires for my next set even though the ride might not be that great , i want something that's a little tougher with all the hauling and rough roads i encounter in a day.
  9. You've got that right ,, and just after i posted that i read in the paper of a guy on the QEW that was killed when an object came through his window and he ran off the hwy ,, they think he was dead before the vehicle left the road ,from whatever hit his windshield. I'm tending to drive with the windows up after this happened to me when i'm on the 400 series type of highways ,, hate like hell having the A/c on all the time , but this was just a little to close for comfort when you're going 100-120 kph.
  10. I was driving down the 401 multilane hwy here in Ontario not that long ago with the window down, and i heard a rock hit the van ,, thinking that i was going to have nice dent in the side door by the sound of it hitting. Forgot about it until getting fuel the next day and thought , hey i should check out that rock ding ,, to my surprise there was no ding ,, but ,, stuck in the weatherstripping of the door window , was a rock about the size of your thumbnail! Sitting in the van and checking out where the rock was stuck , it would have caught me in the temple if it was at a slightly different angle ,, made me shudder. Attached some pictures from the day of discovering it ,, hope they show up. Gord
  11. gordow

    Gas Cap Sticking

    I find that if i really get low on fuel ,, when the light comes on the dash ,, when i go to fill up the cap is hard to get off ,, it almost seems like there's a lot of suction on the cap. It was worse when i let it get that low in the winter ,, took forever to get it off then. I normally don't let it get down to a 1/4 tank in the winter ,, but didn't notice the tank that low. Won't let that happen again
  12. gordow

    MPG displayed on my Instrument cluster

    how did you get the avg to show up on your dash like that??
  13. gordow

    Power Point Outlets , a question

    Thanks for the responses guys , i've had this baby for less than a week now and love it ,, sure there are things that i think could have been done differently with it ,, but minor things like moving the pwr window switch's to the door panel , and then moving the cup holders forward and putting a small bin where the the cup holders are , but those have really no bearing on the drivablility of the TC. In the less than a week i've taken it on some fairly long drives on some fairly hilly terrain and found it comfortable and quite good on the hills. Now that i've set up my GPS and Xm Radio in it , it feels more like home. I was leery on leaving everything plugged in so i've got all my adaptors going into one 3 port outlet then it running down to one of the power points , that way its only one adaptor to pull out ,, maybe when the weathers warmer will i leave them plugged in , just don't feel like dealing with a dead battery in the freezing weather if it does happen.
  14. I've just received my new TC this morning and am reading the owners manual for it under the Power Points section ,, it states not to leave any battery chargers , video game adapters or other devices plugged in while the car is turned off for any long periods of time that it could drain the battery down. I've just come over from a Chev Uplander where i had an Xm radio , Garmin Gps , a cell phone charger and my bluetooth charger plugged in all the time ,, does the above from Ford mean that i have to unplug the adapters for these electronic devices even though they are not being used at the time? My Uplander had battery wear down protection that stopped anything from running the battery down if the car has been shut off for a certain amount of time. Surely having a charger adapter plugged in without the cell phone attached or in the case of my GPS i always remove it from its cradle when i leave the vehicle for any long periods of time ,, should wear down the battery. Anyone have any experience with this?? Now comes the fun part in finding space for my gps and xm radio. Always a treat to find the best place for these. Gord
  15. I'm really stoked to finally find out my boss is leasing me a new Transit and should be getting it by the end of November. Now i won't have to work out of the back of a 2006 Uplander any more and no more bruised knees from kneeling on the damn seat anchors getting my deliveries in and out of the back of that thing. It might be good for a people hauler , but sucks big time as a work van. I have a couple of questions though if i might. How does this baby handle in the snow , i'm up in Ontario outside of Toronto , but my trips take me a little further north and east of the city , and though our winters haven't been to bad lately , i'm just wondering how people in the snow belts find this little van in the snow ,, i'm looking forward to the smaller 4cyl as i'm sure the torque is a little less than the Uplander and thus not as prone to slip and slide on acceleration from stops. The other thing , is what make and model are the standard tires on these ,, i'm sure they might differ between the U.S. and Canada , but was just wondering what i'm looking at in the way of traction and wear. Glad to read many of the posts hear , and a lot of praise heaped upon these little trucks ,, i'm really looking forward to getting mine. Thanks for the info Gord