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  1. Mohair Maniac

    Are the back seats removealbe?

    You will need a torx wrench. If you go to the older postings there is some information. I think it is on page two. I am going to see if my dealership will remove mine while it is in for it's first maintenance. We don't have the wrench and it may be cheaper to have it done at the dealership than buying the wrench.
  2. Mohair Maniac

    Are the back seats removealbe?

  3. Mohair Maniac

    Brake wear

    We have 1500 miles on our new Transit. After a 400 mile trip there was a hot smell when I exited the Transit. Next time we drove it maybe 30 miles in city traffic again the smell. Back wheel was very hot to the touch. Checked parking brake before driving it again. Took it back to the dealer and was told there is wear on the brakes. They are saying due to riding the brake while driving or driving in hilly area and using the brakes excessively going down hill. Neither of these cases are what is happening with the Transit. Will this mean they will not honor the warranty? This is almost making me not like Ford or my Transit. Has anyone else experienced this problem?