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  1. robertscleaner

    side view mirror

    I am unable to find an aftermarket powered right side view mirror for '10 XLT. All the online sight I checked were out of stock.
  2. robertscleaner

    Pads and Rotors at 22k Miles

    9,400 mi. on my '10 TC. Needed front pads and rotores. Dealer warrantied the rotors but not the pads. One year or 12,000 mi. on pads. Ridiculous!! Also had to replace the stabilizer bar. A friend the same line of work has had 3 front end brake jobs and 2 stabilizer bars on his '09 in 36,000 mi. I'm not done complaing to Ford. Should start a class action suit.
  3. robertscleaner

    am reception problems

    The AM reception is terrible. This is not the result of being close to power lines or tall buildings. Intermittent static on all stations. The dealership serivce manager had me listen to the AM radio of another Transit on his lot. It also had bad reception. He is unsympathetic to my complaints and just about said "to live with it". Any one else have bad AM reception?