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Has anyone upgraded their van with windows from Vintage Technologies, aka Teardrop Trailer Parts?  


I’ve read two older threads regarding their products: 

Micro Camper Conversion 2015 LWB XL by Torton

Sliding Screened Window Installation by Mickster

Both look like they use a window that’s about 14”x22”.  


Vintage has changed their model numbers and it looks like dimensions recently.  Windows are here: https://www.teardroptrailerparts.com/pricing.html


I’m eyeing the WD2415, which according to my rudimentary measurements in the dark this evening, will fit in the sliding door.  On the inside, there’s room for the cutout without hitting the edge/lip on the sheet metal, but I think the trim ring will hit it.  So I might need to reinforce that with some plastic or plywood.   I want the largest window possible for visibility and ventilation.   



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I found an Instagram post with what appears to be a 15”x24” window: 



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Cardboard mock up of the required cutout.  


Actual window will be a bit larger all around, due to the clamp ring on the inside, and rubber gasket on the outside. 



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