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Al W.

Interior panels for 2018 TC LWB

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Does anyone know of a source for panels for the interior of the TC LWB.

I have a cargo model that I would like to sound proof . 

The products for the sound proofing adhere to the exterior walls of the van and the ceiling .

Does Ford or anyone else sell a set of panels for the interior that use the existing  clip and screw holes , or is every option custom ?

I just need a  set plywood of fiberboard panels to cover the voids in the walls and ceiling .

I don't need a full carpet treatment just something to cover the deadening materials.

Any leads appreciated.

Trying to save time over making patterns and cutting my own out of 1/8" ply wood.

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When my daughters were growing up,my wife made many of their clothes.I remember nights with fabric laid out on the dining room table with a tissue paper pattern pinned to it.


I would love to see a pattern for interior panels for a TC.It could even be downloaded from the net,printed and taped together.Cut your panel of choice to fit.

Would be worth $50-$75  to me

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