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  1. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Gorilla Glue 🙂
  2. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    EXACTLY!!! total pain in the A**!!
  3. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    And that goes for having to pull/push a turn signal lever also every time you park, no one wants to do that either!!
  4. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Now you can just admit and agree that Ford should have just put a quick easy remedy to this in the owners manual for all of us idiots to maybe just push a few buttons inside the cabin to completely disable this particular system or you can just go on being Fords representative on here defending it and giving people the pain in the a** fix to it!!.. Your choice
  5. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Hmmm well I can see you still persist on being bone headed and redundant here with this situation. TRY LISTENING to what I am saying here you goof its not hard!. I am NOT carrying on here with asanine garbage, I merely at the start of all this made a comment along with MANY others on here and with people like you it escalated into this!. I just bought this thing within the last month so am just getting around to figuring all this out now. I HAVE READ everybodys remedy on what to do and my whole point being is (WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO ALL THIS HOCUS POCUS CRAP, BCM SM46321 CRAP FOR SCAN, WAITING 2 YEARS FOR A SCAN TO UPDATE, LED REPLACEMENT BULB CRAP!!) DO you get it now?? WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THIS!! Drrrrrrr...That's my whole point about all this We are very well past the actual remedy here!!. This is where Ford has been inconsiderate with this.. And who are you to tell me how to use this for work. I have the XLT and DO use this professionally for work as this sits in front of different peoples house almost daily and am in and out most times having to leave the door open out of convenience so yes it IS a problem and do not have the opportunity to close the door behind me all the time so dont presume to tell me how this is used for work. And yes of course the lights don't come on with the engine running Duuh!! like anyone wouldn't know that and frankly doesn't exactly matter if the headlights or front side marker lights come the point is front and back lights come on and is a total pain.. And am 50 years old so sorry not a stupid Millennial.. So are we done here??
  6. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    What I meant by Fords overlook is how they overlooked how this situation could quite possibly upset people and I'm not the only one, there are plenty of people on this forum with my same complaint, hence this and many other forums. I get how these are mostly used for commercial but that doesn't really help the situation or your cause defending FoMoCo as their spokesperson separating yourself from the rest of us on here with this complaint like your totally happy with this situation and that it doesn't bother you. When these are used for work the doors would tend to be open "more" than personal use making the situation even worse.. What if you had this van full of groceries at your house and your front door to your house is situated far away from the curb or garage and you could only grab 2 bags at a time back and forth, wouldn't that upset you the the whole time knowing your headlights and tail lights were on the whole time until you finally unloaded your van?.. I could give you way more examples but you get my point!! This isn't about Ford choosing not to make a DIY vehicle for amateur astronomers, its about taking our choice away to simply disable it at will for many reasons, Ford was inconsiderate with taking our choice away whether they felt it was important or not !!
  7. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Yeah this is definitely an overlook by Ford and a definite mistake I don't care what the analogy is behind it their software engineers should be slapped and kicked to within an inch of their life. These are vans that people travel and camp in far from home with kids as well as busy work vehicles and this could very well leave someone stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a drained battery in a very short amount of time. "No" cars headlights and taillights should come on when any door is open and even if that is the case the owner should be able to easily disable it at will!!.. I wont be taking it to the dealership to get raped without lube on this but should I be insanely bored someday soon maybe I'll call and inquire and maybe entertain fixing it should they have a $99 special I might consider it.....
  8. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Probably wont get around to taking it to the dealership as I'm sure that wouldn't be cheap in any way shape or form.. Who knows maybe I'll call them one day to see...
  9. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Hey partner yes I did read most all the threads alright!.. I'm not interested in cutting and splicing wires under my dash, mounting toggle switches, putting a solar panel on top of my roof, pissing on a spark plug while holding a candle or taking it to the dealership to be hooked up to a computer to download/upload software to alter the electrical system, I'm not interested in any of that. What I'm looking for is possibly the correct and permanent way of turning off the perimeter lights while a door is open. I'm hoping this can be done from inside the cabin by maybe pushing a few buttons like 99.9% of most cars that you program from inside the car when something needs to be programmed which sometimes isn't listed in the owners manual, similar to the picture I posted. That's the humane and decent way obviously Ford overlooked here with this situation. These are fairly new expensive Vans that people buy that people camp and travel in and these TC owners do not need rear and headlights lights to stay on for 10 minutes when a door is opened, shame on Ford. Nothing is worse than a drained battery when traveling and far from home possibly with kids and the elderly. Now if I made a mistake and overlooked a thread that you state has all the answers I need that I seemingly overlooked that has my specific remedy in there "only" then please re-send the link as I would love to see it.🤩 👌
  10. Yes all lights meaning when I open any door including the back door the both front headlight side marker lights AND both the rear lights come on!.. That's 4 all the way around which is totally rediculous when a door is opened. When you open your door look at the rear lights they will probably come on to if you have the '14 Connect and up maybe your not seeing them. The screenshot I took was for the connect not sure if the F-150 is the same. I'll have to keep looking into this to get this to stop because i use this for work to and the doors are always open so at this rate I'll need a new battery in 4-6 months. I would be more understanding if they went off in 10 or 20 seconds but 10 minutes headlights AND brakelights??...Holy crap is Ford TRYING to burn the atmosphere??
  11. Both knee caps I swear to god!! To make matters worse ALL exterior lights stay on for 10 minutes to boot.. Yeah I'm sure that's just GREAT for the battery.. I just posted a possible remedy hopefully everyone can see it.. Its funny on another note, there is no interior dome light switch that turns on all the interior lights either if you have kids in the back or need to see anything. You have to physically reach around on the ceiling and manually turn on 1 of 3 switches that goes all the way back if you want to see anything. My ribs already hurt
  12. Anyone with a 14 Connect and up try this to disable perimeter lights, if you have any luck let me know I wont be able to do this for awhile.. Sorry about the blots covering the letters my screen is jacked up, its lamp illuminated entry.
  13. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Stopped reading right at, mounted solar panel on top of van
  14. '14 Connect

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    I have the '14 Lwb XLT and am facing the same problem, did you figure this out?? Please tell!!.. Not sure what Fool at Ford designed all exterior lights to come on when opening any door!! Who does that??? Drrrrrrr!
  15. I have the 14 Connect out of warranty do you think this would still be covered?? What Nazi Moron would program any vehicle to make the head lights and tail lights come on when you open any of the doors!! Seriously??