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  1. connectkid

    Lock box under driver seat

    The box's primary use is to store my firearm when I leave it in the van, or in transport through a state requiring it be locked up. I would only legally be allowed to have it on the driver's side, as the laws generally state the firearm must be under your control. Also, I would like access to it.
  2. Hey everyone ?. Just trying to put a little vualt lock box under my seat in my transit. I found a box designed for the gen 1. After reading the specs, it seems like it could fit, but the air filter under the seat might get in the way. Ill paste a link to the box below. Has anyone tried to put this box in their gen 2?www.tuffyproducts.com/p-504-universal-security-drawer.aspx
  3. connectkid

    Battery Replacement

    So, I bought an ARB 50quart Fridge freezer for my van. The battery had been drained down and hurt before, and really doesn't have the capacity I need. I bought an Optima Blue top, and now I can't find any Videos on how to take out the Battery. The video someone shared of a guy taking the battery out of his 2012 focous was little help. Does anyone have any better footage?
  4. connectkid

    Better Battery

    I have a 2014 xlt wagon. I use a lot of small electronics, and even an electronic cooler while the vehicle is off. As a result, my battery has died on more than one occasion. Are there any options, such as deep cycle batteries that could provide a substantial amount more power? if so, how much better would it be? would it be worth the money?
  5. connectkid

    How to remove crossbars?

    if you remove the crossbars, can you use the holes for aftermarket roof racks without removing the interior head lining?
  6. I have a 2014 LWB Wagon with 17" rims on it. Could I put 16" rims or even 15" to get more wheel well space for snow tires?
  7. connectkid

    rough idle

    it used to sound like a misfire : I could even see the rpm go up to 1000 then fall again to 750 then climb back up to 1000. However, the last two days it seems to have completely worked itself out. it begam running smooth even at idle. I hope it keeps up
  8. connectkid

    rough idle

    my connect starts fine, runs fine on the highway and drives well at low speeds. However, when its idling, it sounds labored or as if it is a misfire. but no code comes on for a missfire and the service computer says everything is fine. do any of yours do this?
  9. connectkid

    Studs for the snow

    Looking to get a set of plain steel rims and studded snow tires for the winter. Anyone know a good place to get either? Or both?
  10. connectkid

    Remove rear seats from the wagon

    Thank you for all the help ? I really like what you've done.
  11. Could they be used to hold a couple sheets of 3/4 plywood?
  12. Where can I buy just the crossbars? My van came with rails but no crossbar
  13. Where can I buy just the crossbars? My van came with rails but no crossbar
  14. connectkid

    Remove rear seats from the wagon

    What kind of foam did you use?