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    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Big thanks to Beta Don, Dandytc, GBL and zalienz for your very helpful information. Mobil 1 5W-20 Full Synthetic oil it will be! So great to hear that the 2.5L motor comes with BOTH an engine oil and transmission cooler. Interestingly, I asked this question at my local Ford dealer when ordering our LWB Connect for trailering, and they "informed" me these features were not available, so they encouraged me to buy the extended warranty due to their absence! (I usually don't go for these...) Unbelievable! We will feel so much better now towing with these features keeping things cool(er)! Can any of you great TC owners direct me to where I can find a diagram or image of where the transmission fill plug is so I can check the tranny fluid? I guess while we are at it, the trans drain plug as well, so I can drain and refill the trans at 30,000 miles. Does the TC 2.5 trans have a filter that will need to be changed as well? On my wife's 2005 Toyota Matrix, I am used to dropping the trans pan every 40,000 miles and changing out both the filter and the entire AT fluid. (Thus the trans shifts and operates like new with over 130,000 mountain miles on it.) A bit messy, but relatively easy to do myself. (This is the only other car I have ever owned besides our newly purchased TC that has had an automatic transmission.) Thanks again for your knowledge and kindness. Happy trails!
  2. Copernicus

    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Hello! We recently purchased a 2017 Transit Connect LWB Cargo Van with the 2.5L motor and optional Trailering Package, in which we plan to pull a 10' Teardrop trailer on long extended camping trips. The plan is to cross the desert. The owner's manual calls for the use of 5W-20 oil. Lacking both an oil and trans cooler (to my knowledge), I am concerned that 5W-20 will be too light for the possible work load we could encounter on long grades in high temps, with the viscosity thinning out. In another used vehicle we own, I replaced the 5W-20 that was used with 5W-30 Mobil 1 Full Synthetic oil, with no problems. On a visit to the local Ford Dealer, I asked the Service Dept Manager this question, and he replied that I shouldn't have any problem, and that is what he would do. But he seemed vague, and inattentive, so I wasn't secure in his assertion. Do you think switching up to 5W-30 Mobil 1 Full Synthetic oil would be prudent in our Transit Connect, and it wouldn't cause any problems other than slightly decreased fuel mileage (such as "setting the Check Engine Light, etc?). Your thoughts and experienced opinion is valued here, as we hope this vehicle will serve us for many years and problem-free miles. Thank you! Doug