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  1. How did you attach the plate to the bumper, some kind of double sided tape or something else?
  2. These ones appear to be about 47" (121cm) across, what is the width of the OEM bars?
  3. Tom899, I'm looking forward to seeing some pics and getting a review of the whole ordering process....especially since I passed on that experience.
  4. swps

    Front Wheel Bearings

    My 2017 I bought used a couple weeks ago need the front drivers side replaced. I'm at 15k miles and it was covered under warranty by Ford at my local dealer. I didn't notice the oscolatting noise until after I had owned the TC for a few days. I took it down to my tire dealer and they balanced and rotated the tires to eliminate that as a cause and then I made an appointment with my dealer. They fixed it in about an hour after they called to confirm it was the bearing. The dealer didn't know if this was a common problem as they "don't see that many TCs." I asked how long it was going to be under warranty for the wheel bearings and a cost after warranty. I was told 60k miles and $174 for parts and labor after the warranty was up.
  5. Thanks Windguy. I've been flying since the 80s and model airplanes have come a long way! Certainly is a fun hobby and with my TC and my racks I can easily bring at least 8 planes with me to the field and that will keep me flying all day long!
  6. I've been looking for a TC for a few months now. My local dealers didn't have anything new that had the features I wanted and I really didn't want to wait 6 months and order a new 2018 or pay full sticker either. I fly model airplanes and had rented a TC for a work trip last year and fell in love the TC and knew it was going to be my next vehicle. I wanted a 14-17 with Sycn 3 and Navigation, leather, LWB and it had to be in Red or Blue either XLT or Titanium. I figured the last car I compromised and got the color my wife wanted (white) and I was going to get the color I wanted this time. Plus I wasn't in a hurry and had been looking for a while anyway. I did find a hand full of used 2017 Titanium's locally but everyone was firm on their pricing and honestly asking too much and over my budget. About a month ago I found a 2014 that was perfect in AZ but the dealer backed out of the deal and demanded an extra $3k...so the hunt continued. I got my brother helping me look and he has a friend with a car lot and was able to help me look at auctions but nothing came up that was the right fit for me.. I finally found a 2017 Green/Gray one (color choice #3) but the dealer was into it way too much and wouldn't come down. I finally found a blue one locally and he was able to come down to the price I wanted to pay but there was an auction for another on the next morning. I decided to try on the auction but it ended up going for WAY more than it should have but the blue dealer sensing I was going to pass made me an offer that I couldn't turn down. Now the funny part is that I was about to head over the credit union to get the check and head up to the dealer to pick up the TC, my brother calls me and says "guess what I just bought?" He bought the Green one I had looked at earlier. Turns out the dealer was finally ready to make a deal too. So, my brother and I both bought 2017 TC LWB Titanium's with the exact same specs on the same day! He is a golf rep and it's a perfect fit for him and for me and my model airplanes I couldn't be happier!