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  1. MTB MVR

    2016 TC Wagon Competition Stereo Install

    Hey Don, thanks for the install info. My van is supposed to have the Sync 3 radio so I will definitely look into the Forscan for changing the parameters. As long as it doesn't have any issues staying connected to my phone I will keep the stock radio. I don't have any problem putting in a high powered aftermarket deck if i need to then I won't need to worry about AMPs with DSP. I will be adding sound deadening to the doors and floor as well just to quiet it up a bit more and avoid any annoying rattles both from road vibrations and stereo vibrations. It also should have the rear air so I will have to find another spot for the amps. I'm hoping there's some room in one of the rear panels.... My van is on a slow train from New Jersey to California right now so I'm hoping it will be here by the end of the month.... Time will tell.
  2. MTB MVR

    2016 TC Wagon Competition Stereo Install

    I know this thread was started almost a year ago but do you have any more pics of your install with amp and speaker choices? Also what did you do for your low end? In an SQ install do you rely on the 10s in your kick panels or do those just cover a wider mid base spectrum? I am waiting on the delivery of my 2018 LWB XLT and plan on installing a decent system in it in the near future. My biggest issue is where to put subs for the low end, I will be hauling my kids race bikes and everything else in the back so I won't have a lot of room for a sub box. Your pillars look awesome and the 10s in the kick panels are nuts! I don't think I could talk the wife into letting me do anything like that... oh and im assuming you went with an audiophile grade receiver and aren't relying on the factory deck and a DSP.