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  1. Tom, My husband just spoke with a dealer in Ohio. He says the 400+ TCTW in New Jersey are waiting for transmission. Apparently the transmissions blow up at 60 miles an hour. I do not know if this information is true but holy smokes we could be waiting a long, long time for parts and replacements.There is an 2018 on his lot in Ohio. This one has had the recall done. Debspaniel
  2. Hi I got an update from the regional salesman today on my order from July on a 2018 TCTWagon today. It is being held in port in NJ awaiting parts. They would not tell me if it was damaged in transport or if there was a recall etc. He told me he did not know because Ford does not want him to know so that no one can file a law suit. He does not have any idea when the hold might be over. Could be January or later. I am over this! I have gotten a different story every time I have spoken with them. I needed the vehicle in October. There are 2018's available within 100 miles of me with the same options I chose. I am really tired of waiting for this new vehicle. Think I might go shopping this week here in Michigan.
  3. Has anyone on here actually picked up a 2018 Ford Transit Connect Titanium Passenger Wagon that was special ordered? I ordered mine in July, I was told it would be built in Spain in August and to expect a delivery date in September. Well the vehicle was finally manufactured on Oct 2 and then I was told it shipped to US on Oct 17th. Then the update from dealer was it had arrived in port at New Jersey on the 28th of October. The last two weeks I have no heard anything new from dealer. Today I finally got a Vin number and was told that the vehicle is now awaiting a train ride to Detroit. I live in Michigan. They are not certain when that may happen. Perhaps I will have the vehicle in a couple more months. To say I am upset is an understatement! I contacted Ford Customer Service and got the same song and dance. There are 2018 FTCTP wagons on dealer lots in Michigan. My Husband called to confirm this today at two separate dealers. What would you do? I am thinking I might contact the Michigan State Atty Generals office really soon. Thanks, Debspaniel