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  1. I hear ya. Keep in mind the USB and AUX connections are inside the console and the power plug is in the front so the idea of removing the console is more than a unscrew and remove. Length wise with the front wheel off however inside my money is on that it will fit. Personally I'm fine with roof racks but overhangs when loaded make me nervous.
  2. They should be able to tell you based on the vehicle VIN and/or looking at your existing key.
  3. Ccrew

    Rear Lens Mod - Gen 2

    To get back to the original thread. The high mount reflectors are Titanium trim only. XLT has black fillers. They're a ridiculous $156 each when I checked. I liked them too. It's not a safety thing, but a trim package one.
  4. I can get a medium frame Fatbike (Salsa Mukluk) in and if I juggled i could probably get my BMC Trailfox in but I haven't tried so I can't say for sure. My cross bike and my road bike definitely. The console removal won't lend much to aesthetics however. With the factory roof rack if you're reasonably tall you could put bike/bikes up there by stepping in the side door as a stepstool. As far as the tandem going up there get the wagon with the rear barn doors instead of the hatch and it's an easy two-person as long as it's not some steel frame tank I'm going to put two kayak racks up there as soon as the weather breaks. Factory cross rails are Thule and you can't buy them for what the option costs. I also have a trailer hitch and one of the build it yourself Harbor Freight trailers for dragging stuff like sheets of plywood. You can't lay a sheet of plywood flat in it but with all the seats down it's all flat. Flip the passenger seat down and you can get 2x4's in and shut the hatch but the passenger has to sit behind the driver. We use ours for what it was designed for and we love it. It's not going to win races but we towed a 2000lb Uhaul with it VA to Denver and got 19mpg People turn heads to figure out what it is. my coworkers didn't know it was mine and mentioned it as "that eurovan"
  5. That's exactly what they did with mine. Fell off again too. I joined the 3M club.
  6. Having owned a Focus ST that setup looks remarkably familiar. And, considering the TC platform.....
  7. They reduce wind noise at speed.
  8. Ccrew

    Larger Wheels

    Focus ST 18" wheel/tire combo will fit our Transit's and can be picked up on the used market. Problem is the weight rating on most, as in doing early research only the Continentals that came on my 17" factory wheels are the only ones at that time with the correct rating. That may or may not have changed in 8 months since I researched.
  9. The Transit Connect cross bars are made by Thule. Look there, or Yakima makes a set called "Rail Grabbers" that also work. I don't see how the rails unbolt short of dropping the headliner personally.
  10. Might be an issue since all the systems tie into the CANBUS. This will be interesting to follow. It's the same reason a Sync system can't (according to dealer) be upgraded to MyFord Touch.
  11. Ccrew

    Middle row stuck, down

    Mine's done it. Knee down to depress the seat bottom then pull the latch. It's engaged, but not fully in at the floor at the moment if it's like mine. My 98b wife showed me the trick when I got frustrated.
  12. Windguy, here's a couple snaps. Forgive the dirty car, Black is a job not a color! Yeah, I'm aware of the weights, but I have no qualms running it to that limit because the Euro version of ours is rated higher and if you look at the GVRW we can't even pull 2Klbs. None of the math on this vehicle seems to work well. I can tell you it'll pull 2K with no effort at all until we hit the high plains of CO. I went Class 3/4 more to get the 2" receiver since about every Bike rack, cargo platform, and most accessories come in that size. I can go into a Walmart if I want and find a different ball drop, etc. Not so easy with the smaller mounts.
  13. Ccrew

    How to remove crossbars?

    And to a small extent they'll move side to side. You'll see once you get them off. So if say you wanted to hang something more to one side or the other there's a small amount of movement. I have a Yakima Skybox and bike mounts to fit mine. For those with rails but no factory crossbars Yakima Railgrabber mounts work on ours. And someone asked if you can remove the factory rails without removing the headliner and my answer is : Not that I can see, I see no fasteners from the top unless they're stealthily hidden under the ends but I can't see how.
  14. I have this Reese one with the Kurt harness package. It doesn't hang out much if at all, I can take a pic if needed. It's also Class 3/4 so regular size receiver. We towed a 2K lb U-Haul Virginia to Denver and back with no issues. Averaged 19mpg to boot running 70-75MPH http://www.amazon.com/Reese-44702-Class-Square-Receiver/dp/B00J6ZI8YU/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Ford%7C54&Model=Transit%20Connect%7C16130&Year=2014%7C2014&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&newVehicle=1&s=automotive&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive And it looks good doing it!
  15. Problem will be whether that option needs to be turned on in the CAN bus. I'd be curious if it uses the Focus computer because if so it's accessible.