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  1. Specialift

    Sun Visor

    I recently purchased an acrylic smoked sun visor for my new connect L230 but fitting it is turning into a nightmare, the visor is manufactured by V3PRO OY in Finland. The holding brackets are screwed to the window pillars with four self tapping screws on either side. I marked out the positions as per fitting instructions and commenced drilling the 4mm holes, drilling the body panel is easy but then maybe 10mm below that I have hit a 2nd skin and no way can I drill this, I have tried umpteen drill bits, cutting compounds etc so I now have four holes in my pillar skin covered in duck tape til I solve the issues. Anyone have any ideas what lies beneath?
  2. Specialift

    Larger Wheels

    Hi, Looking to fit larger alloys to my new connect 2016, does anyone have any info on maximum wheel size but with sensible tyres, maybe 18", Thanks.