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  1. gwc2u

    Sun Visor

    Slide it back on until feeling resistance stop point.......smack visor end with palm of your hand. It should pop back on over the resistance point, work perfect for about a month then repeat.
  2. gwc2u

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Super job on the conversion....and some real creative design ideas. Especially like the adjustable bed front. Need to think how to incorporate that idea in my already completed interior. We found sitting on the bed with maybe a cushion backrest worked better than having a table to sit at.....unless one likes to play board games 🙂
  3. gwc2u

    Front Seat Recliner Handles

    Mine was missing when purchasing the car. Just copied the other side handle out of wood & painted it the same mat finish. Created a similar shallow bed area on backside to nest the metal handle base into. Two screws attach from the rear. I doubt anyone would notice unless pointed out to them.
  4. gwc2u

    Windshield sun visors

    Oh ya.....my 2013 with 65K miles has the visors actually hanging loose after a couple months of occasional use & then falling off their stems. Took quite a while to figure out how to install them. Appears you slide them back on until you hit resistance....you may have to have them down or up, don't remember. Then give em a smack with heel of hand & they seem to "snap" back over the resistance spot and all appears good......for a while.
  5. The "round thing" is a collapsible bucket used as a sink under the blue water container. As GBL pointed out, porta potti is on left side, rear corner. Got it from Walmart. Brand isn't so critical but had to make sure the height was under 12"....as I recall. The 12" bench height was chosen for comfortable head room while sitting. Didn't realize how that arbitrary height would effect further development of features.....like food & equipment , storage box sizes that would maximize the storage space under the sink cabinet. One more inch would have accommodated the optimum standard sizes of plastic containers. Bought the Van little over a year ago. Love the concept & design but convinces me American made, at least for Ford, can't match current and past Toyota's I've owned. Ford has a rougher idle, visors that work there way to falling off, slightly loose driver door handle, detached door rubber seal, and lately intermittent front power window interruptions.....and a few times under hood 3 seconds of rattling noise in the drive belt area on start up, and twice on start up a strange slow "groaning" noise....like maybe ABS brake sound or dry rear wipers under stress? Van has less than 70K miles, had good car fax report and showing regular maintenance and appears really clean. Next addition? Front slider curtain between front seats and end of beds plus side & rear window curtains..... and maybe roof vent. Have already made a major change from the pictures. The preset table wasn't as necessary as we thought it might be. discarded the removable legs & lay the table top across the ends of the bench in the back. Serves as a good enough table to ones side when sitting on the front ends of the benches and makes transition to the front bed location even quicker. Still utilize a 2nd layer bench panel to move forward for the other bunk. Thanks for your responses & comments
  6. So GOAL1: night accommodations for 2, available port-a-potty, ability to boil water.... and day use of table seating. GOAL 2: convert from passenger to camping mode in a matter of minutes. GOAL 3: convert from day travel mode to sleeping mode in minutes. It took multiple redesigning and module reconstruction to achieve what the attached pictures depict. Benches and kitchen boxes attached at existing threaded wall and floor mounting points. Table legs quickly pop off & top provides one front half of a bed platform while a second layer bench top moves to the other forward front half bed. These panels mesh with the front "kitchen box" module & with the bench tops which form the lower bed platforms. Bench fronts hinge up with swing down leg supports to widen the lower bed platforms. 8" remain between "bunks" to move to the "bathroom" facilities. Curtains and outside screens attach with magnets. Seats pull forward to allow one 6' 3" bed but only room for a 5' 8" sleeper on the other side. Both bed ends require a swing up panel to achieve their lengths. Takes less than 5 min. for set-up.