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  1. slp5357

    Need to clear the air bag light

    If the module, clockspring and airbag are from another vehicle, is this still the case? I thought that maybe I had to change the shoulder seat belt restraint assembly in the pillar. At any rate, thanks for the response - I'll give my local Ford dealer a call..
  2. slp5357

    Need to clear the air bag light

    I'm currently resurrecting a 2012 FTC - I bought it wrecked and have it just about completed. The front end was only marginally damaged but the air bag deployed. I replaced the air bag, clock spring and the module under the center console, but the amber dash light won't go out. Does that have to be cleared on the ECM? Any advice is greatly appreciated - Thanks!
  3. slp5357

    Front Seat Recliner Handles

    Has anyone found a comparable replacement for the plastic recliner handles on the front seats? I've checked Ford Parts Online and found them listed at $71.00 per handle - I'm hoping it was a typo!