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  1. azdamay

    Woody Wrap

    Normally I'm not a fan of the faux-woody wraps (like you see on the PT Cruiser, for example) but in this case I have to say it looks pretty good. These vans are made for being a "blank canvas" with the slab sides and rear. Might as well do something fun with all that space!
  2. azdamay

    Replacing 2010 TC Wheel Cover/Hub Cap

    They simply snap on to the wheel. Very easy to put on or take off. There is a cutout for the tire valve stem that you should line up. I find it easiest to secure one part of the cover, and then hold that part with my knee while using my hands to work the rest of the cover on.
  3. azdamay

    New Wheels

    Huh, I was just kidding, didn't realize you were actually going to do that. So how are you going to deal with the rear? From the little bit that I've seen on the internet, the Euro guys have done some dodgy stuff to get the back end to sit lower (certainly things that would modify the load rating, anyway).
  4. azdamay

    Transmission Failures?

    I've wondered the same thing myself. I use the van to take garbage generated from my job to the dump, and if I leave all the tools and parts in the van, I usually cross the scale at around 4,500 lbs. This transmission was designed for compact cars that weight about 1,500 - 2,000 lbs less than that. I think the failures make it clear they utilized something that wasn't really up to the job. Maybe they figured most of these things would have a light load of flowers in the back. t
  5. azdamay

    New Wheels

    Nice! As the Focus guys say, needs tint and a drop. Haha.
  6. azdamay

    Transmission Failures?

    Interesting. I have 60,000 miles and have started to experience unusual behavior of the transmission. Several times now, it has had difficulty reversing. Most recently I tried to do a 3-point turn on a sloped street, and when I went to reverse, the van just stuttered and felt almost like it was neutral... then when I pressed harder on the gas, it sort of jumped and shot backwards. After a little driving, the problem has gone away. I'm hesitant to take it to the dealer because that requires a major transfer of everything I carry in the van over to a rental, and I'm concerned the dealer will tell me they couldn't replicate the issue. Thankfully this is a fleet vehicle. My plan is to keep driving it until either the symptom is repeatable, or the transmission craps out.
  7. azdamay

    2014 Ford Transit Connect To Achieve 30 MPG

    Wow, seeing those pictures, you're exactly right. It's obvious looking at the rooflines and the character lines. Very similar. I don't know what to make of the styling but I like that the vehicle is otherwise more modern. The TC desperately needed more power, more gears, and more modern conveniences, and now it has them.
  8. azdamay

    Vents above rear doors

    Cabin air pressure vents, same as you'd see in the door jamb of a car, allows air pressure in the interior to equalize with exterior air pressure. Look on the inside of the D pillar and you will see a rounded black plastic grille, this is the "entrance" to the vent. Or at least, this is what I have always presumed to be the function of these pieces.
  9. Yeah, I had already fashioned myself one using a FedEx envelope, but it's not very good. When I saw what appeared to be a factory extending visor, I couldn't believe it. Good to know they are out there, eventually I'm sure the part #'s will make themselves known. Come to think of it, maybe it's time to start trolling local wrecking yards for a set of visors and blind spot mirrors...
  10. I saw a newer (new enough to have the blind spot mirrors) Transit recently that clearly had a sun visor of a different size/shape than mine. The low morning sun was glaring on our left, and his visor was flipped to the left and extended to cover the whole side window. I was jealous. I tried looking at a parts diagram but it seems to show the same old visors I already have. Do newer years have visors that extend??
  11. azdamay

    Replacement Wheel Covers

    Might try a wrecking yard to find a stock wheel cover, or if you're looking for a change, a set of Ford wheel covers from another vehicle (like the Focus). At first, I was running with chrome trim rings on the steel wheels for an old school look. But the paint on these wheels is sprayed on very thin and they soon began to rust. Now I have a set of eBay covers. Probably your cheapest option. I picked up a set for something like 30 bucks.
  12. azdamay

    New TC wagon owner in S.F. Bay Area ...

    Welcome to the forum. I like that color! If I'm being honest a road trip from the Bay Area to Seattle in a Transit Connect sounds really unpleasant. But then I drive mine for work and it's outfitted for work. I would have to find a pillow to sit on for a road trip! It is a heck of a useful vehicle for taking stuff to the dump, and no worries about having to tarp your trailer/bed.
  13. azdamay

    Transit Connect Delivers Unmatched Cargo, Fuel Mileage

    Wow, Ford tried really, really, hard to make the Transit Connect have some sex appeal (I do actually like that paint color!):
  14. azdamay

    2014 Transit Connect spy shots

    Not sure why the lift gate is causing such confusion/commotion... it's obviously not going to be on the cargo van, as a lift gate is not practical for commercial use and Ford knows that!
  15. azdamay

    2014 Transit Connect uncovered

    So, pretty much like the renderings posted here. It looks like a Ford Escape grafted to a KIA Soul in that photo on auto blog. Not sure what to make of it.