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  1. The topic title pretty much says it all. One of my fog lights has been shattered by road debris and needs to be replaced. I'm not particularly handy so most likely will need someone else to do it, but I'd still like to see what's involved (preferably, there's an illustrated guide out there somewhere), and preferably just order the part and have an independent mechanic do it before throwing big bucks at a Ford dealer!! Recommendations for screens or plastic film protection to prevent this from happening again would also be most welcome. I hardly ever use these darn lights but with only about 20K on it, my TC is too new for me to just let it go to seed. Thanks!
  2. johnnyangel

    How do you use your Transit Connect?

    About 5,000 miles on my new XLT Premium and I'm still liking it a lot. Moving to a home about 75 miles away from where I was living, and planning to fix up the previous place as a rental, but haven't firmed up plans enough to hire movers, etc. etc. The TC has done a great job handing chairs, desks, a twin-size bed, etc. etc. and being that this is my first "commercial" vehicle I have been pleased and surprised by the fact that it drives pretty much the same loaded up as it does empty. My wife drove it for the first time last week and, coming from a Toyota Yaris, she had no problem at all. The TC got praise from her for driving just like a car.
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    New Member from Tampa, FL.

    Welcome! Do you have the van version or the wagon with the rear seats? I purchased the wagon only in October and still haven't tried putting bikes inside, though I've hauled a lot of other stuff. I am hoping they'll go in upright with no wheel removal .... any tricks and tips on keeping bikes stable would be welcome.
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    New TC wagon owner in S.F. Bay Area ...

    Willie, how cool -- is your Miata an NA, NB, or NC? (Mine's an NA.) Yes, it's a heck of a contrast. For various reasons (travel, weather, preparing for a move) I haven't even driven my Miata since I got the TC, and she (Minnie Miata, that is) will be cross with me. Today I need to give her a wash and the go for a drive. Meanwhile that's not the only contrast around here since I also have a 1989 LTD Crown Victoria station wagon (that was my *first* Ford). Originally that car was supposed to do the same sort of hauling tasks that the TC is now doing, or at least that's how I rationalized the purchase, but since it only has about 78,000 miles and is in beautiful shape, I haven't had the heart to work it too hard. The Crown Vic wagon is long and low and really too much of a handful around here as a daily driver; plus I am terrified that someone might ding it (well, as I am with the Miata and the TC too, but the wagon's a much bigger target for idiots). But, with a 5.0 V8 and smooth power to burn, it actually does get 22 mpg on the highway. As I noted the TC has certainly improved on that but I still hope it will do better as it gets older and loosens up. When I get a chance I will post a picture of these strange stablemates to the forum. The Miata and the TC taken together are not a whole lot longer than the Crown Vic!
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    New TC wagon owner in S.F. Bay Area ...

    Good to know!
  6. johnnyangel

    New TC wagon owner in S.F. Bay Area ...

    Thanks for the welcomes! I like the color of my TC though I would have preferred the metallic brown ("noisette") most of all. But, finding a TC that had all its windows and wasn't white was enough of a challenge! Regarding long-distance comfort, I found the TC to be just fine, though I'm one of those people who stop every couple of hours for a pee break or a coffee (a vicious cycle!). For me personally the driver's seat cushion is a little short, leaving more of my thighs hanging out in space than I'm used to, but no big deal. Also the seat cloth is a little scratchy, and I'd like to get one of those sheepskin covers made to cohabit with side-impact air bags.
  7. johnnyangel

    New TC wagon owner in S.F. Bay Area ...

    I've had my 2012 TC wagon for 2 1/2 weeks now and already enjoyed a variety of uses, such as a road trip to Seattle and more mundane trips to the dump and the thrift store. It's the only new vehicle I've ever purchased and likely to be my last -- I'm 56 -- since I don't take depreciation lightly, and I don't like the swoopy styling and frills of most new cars. I would have liked the original Scion Xb or perhaps a Honda Element, but missed out on both when they were new. Seeing pictures of the upcoming Transit Connect revamp convinced me I'd better take the plunge and get the current one while such an honest, square vehicle is still available. I don't want to be mistaken for an SUV driver or a soccer mom! My TC has Sync and the rear view camera, both of which work well. Even more than expected, I'm loving the space, ease of use, and visibility. To my mind this would be the perfect vehicle if only Ford had seen fit to give us U.S. buyers a diesel engine and also the option of a stick; the TC's gas engine is low on torque, the four-speed automatic is dated and sometimes annoying, and the fuel economy isn't great (my best is only 26 mpg -- and I'm no leadfoot -- so I hope things are going to loosen up. But, the various reviews I'd read warned me of these negative aspects to the vehicle, and it's still worth it!
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    My new 2012 TC ...