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  1. Van is off, some doors are open, how do I turn off or shorten timing that exterior and interior lights are on? Also, when I open another door, light cycle on starts all over again. Pain when out camping or at swap meet. 2017 XLT
  2. Reply message sent directly to you thru this forum. Thanks
  3. have removed the 2nd and third row seats on my 2017 LWB TC. Now want to add some kind of a headache rack behind where the side sliding door opening is. Maybe a cage, cargo net etc. Have the overhead bins above the 2nd seats, so there is no attachment place that I can find to anchor a cage. Could attach the sides to maybe where the upper seatbelt bolt connects and use the floor bolting points where the seats attach, but what kind of cage \ partition has any one used. Do not want to spend tons if say I could use like wire shelving cut to fit? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. see reply under cargo hauling forum here. Go to Amazon.com.uk for parts.
  5. engineer

    rear liftgate has water leak

    no, did not use wiper or washer and no water on bottom of liftgate.
  6. engineer

    rear liftgate has water leak

    2017 xlt rear liftgate has developed slight water leak after a rain. puddle in middle area around where access hole for lowering spare is located. water is about a cup full. Appears to be leaking from top maybe? gasket all around liftgate is intact, no water seen, no dampness on headliner or on inside of liftgate, etc. just slight puddle on floor? any thoughts?
  7. just mount the harness as you suggested in the passenger side cargo area. Connect the left side harness into the right side taillights and do the right side harness into the left side taillights. Use the hole on the right side for the flat plug. Now only issue is right and left side turn signals on flat plug are reversed. Go the Harbor freight and buy 5 foot flat plug extension harness. cut and reverse green and yellow wires on extension, cut and solder wires and use heat shrink tubing to seal. Now the flat extension plug harness has left and right turn signals correct. You will need the extension anyway to have enough wire to reach the hitch \ trailer.
  8. figured out a way for less than $200. It takes three items to make the crossbar setup. First, The USA amazon is too expensive. You order from Amazon.com.uk the Thule flush railing kit 184016 (thule 4016) which fits TC from 2014 on. That will fit the silver flush rails. Then you need the footpack and crossbars to go with the 4016 kit. That I went to eBay and purchased a Thule generic setup: https://www.ebay.com/itm/08-Audi-Q5-06-Audi-Q7-16-BMW-X1-Roof-Rack-Cross-Bar-Top-Rail-Cargo-Carrier. This eBay item is for Audi but will accept genuine Thule parts. I did not use the Ebay Audi flush railing pieces since they will not fit a TC; used the 4016 kit instead, with the eBay Audi footpack and cross rails. Now on Amazon.com.uk you can order everything you need for the crossrails, but with the money conversion and shipping, that cost is too high. However, you get several options, like square bars, wing type in alum or black, etc. just be mindful, that different type bars take different type footpacks to work.
  9. engineer

    actual tire pressure reading on dash

    found the readings once on the 2017 dash, but don't know how I did it????
  10. since there is a tpms, how can you check the actual pressure readings for each tire on the dash display?
  11. How can the turn signal clicker be changed to be louder? Where is it located and \ or how can it be made louder?
  12. Can you mute radio \ audio using only the steering wheels controls?