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  1. Hey folks, new here on the forum. I just wanted to offer a recent find that took me over a month to figure out. Until recently (past two weeks) Thule had not made official availability of their 4016 fit kit for the Thule podium system in the US, but used for the Torneo model oversees. For those of you who have the factory rails, trying to find an aftermarket solution under $600 has been a nightmare, at least for me. A month ago I was looking all over for the 4016 Fit Kit in the states and it was no where to be found, accept for one retailer in Texas who sold the Aeroblades, Podium with 4016 as a whole package for $550.00 +Shipping. They said they had to import the fit kits from oversees so it all had to be sold as one set. All that aside, this week I was FINALLY able to order Rod Cross bars, the Podium feet, and the 4016 fit kit all on Amazon for $338.00!!! It appears some retailers have pulled the part and now sell them stand alone in the US. I've been all over this for a month, so it was a huge surprise to suddenly see them pop up. I called a handful of local retailers and no one had a solution they could offer me. I set them up last night and they fit great. Just in time for a week long trip in Sequoia National Park. I'm posting this here because when I was searching, there was nothing out there really regarding a conversation about this conundrum. Hope this helps! Here's the link on their website, which did not exist 30 days ago: https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/fit-my-car?c=roof+racks&q=VRLYWCEUw