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    Tranny Slipage 2012 Transit Connect

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate your thoughts and recommendation. The problem seems to be in third. When he is going uphill and the van needs to downshift into second, it tends to slam in. I know that there are transmission mechanics on this forum and was hoping also to get a better understanding of the level of repair needed and possible costs. At this point i'm thinking of using Ford. He is needing to get back on the road from Missouri to Oregon soon. Hopefully we can get this taken care of properly. Other than that the TC is great, no problems other than normal maintenance. Thanks again.
  2. My son recently told me that his 2012 Transit Connect transmission was slipping. He changed the fluid and it helped but did not solve the issue. Question: Not being an mechanic, who would you take the vehicle to for service, Ford or other.
  3. How sweet it is! Enjoy. My son just returned with his 2012 build, elevated bed, storage, stereo. He racked up 20000 miles with no problems. He spent seven months on the West Coast. He loves the TC.
  4. Loafer

    Christmas Angel

    It was a Becks Beer Christmas here and a good time was had by all.
  5. Loafer

    Christmas Angel

    One Christmas, a long time ago, Santa Claus was getting ready for his annual trip; but there were problems ...... everywhere. Four of his elves were away sick and the trainee elves did not produce the toys as fast as the regular ones. So, Santa was beginning to feel the pressure of being behind schedule. Then, Mrs. Claus popped in to tell Santa that her mother was coming to stay for Christmas; which stressed him even more. After a while, he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two had jumped the fence and run away, heaven knows where to. Then, when he began to load the sleigh one of the boards broke and several large toy-bags fell to the ground, scattering their contents all over the place. Needless to say, Santa was not in the best of moods. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and he went to the door expecting another problem. But when he opened it, there was a little angel with a great big Christmas tree that she had brought especially to cheer him up. The angel greeted him very cheerfully, "Merry Christmas Santa Claus. Isn't it just a wonderful day? I have a beautiful tree for you. See, isn't it just the loveliest Christmas tree you've ever seen? Where would you like me to put it?" Thus began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree.
  6. Loafer

    Christmas Angel

    We kept our doors locked and blocked the chimney this year. By astral projection ( out of body) I scared the snot out of him and sent him packing.
  7. Loafer

    Camping tips

    Right out of the Canterbury Tales.
  8. Loafer

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Good info Don, thanks! They mention a Timkin that is hearted. Is the heart a recommendation? Again thanks, I'll keep RockAuto in mind.
  9. Loafer

    Custom Build

    I like what you have done, and like anyone else in business, someone will ask for something you have not provided for, lol. In a world in which folks are doing everything they can to save money, I believe an elevated bed would be a good addition. I've often wondered about heavy canvass that could be pulled out and let in like a window shade. It would be a good option. Best of luck to you in your campaign!
  10. I'm no mechanic so take this with a grain of salt. Check the cheapest things first like the air filter and fuel filter then move up to more expensive fixes. Spark plugs are a common fix and depending upon how old and how many miles are on the vehicle, spark plug wires too should be considered. If your battery was low and you jump started the engine, sometimes rough idling and sometimes rough driving will occur. It is supposed to self correct over time. If it does not then look to other solutions. Some of the people here are born with a nose for this stuff and as they continue to contribute a most likely solution will resonate. I have grown to respect and trust many contributors here.
  11. Loafer

    First road trip in the new 2017 LWB

    Many moons ago when I had a small blues record company and was touring groups here and over seas, laundry was a big issue when booking hotels. Sometimes I even had stage wear made here locally and rapidly fitted upon arrival. Stage backdrops were sometimes coordinated with the stage wear. Often here locally we would make little enhancements to whatever the band was wearing that coordinated with their stage appearance. We allowed them to take them with them if they chose. For European tours that often included nine countries we had a coordinator travel with them to accomplish those and other more important tasks. I remember sending Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm on a European Tour where we had both our company coordinator and a European coordinator travel with them. This isn't the west coast Kings of Rhythm but many of the original Kings of Rhythm along with the Iketts who still lived in St. Louis. Yes, touring has it's moments. Like the moment the bass player, stood up terrified on the flight from St. Louis to London and was shouting " we gonna' die, we all gonna' die" LOL. It's a real challenge to tour a group with both the knowns and the unknowns. A wealthy German woman took a liking to the bass player and gave him $10,000.00 to cut a recording of his own when he returned to the States. Instead of cutting an album, he cut a 45 that we produced. Hell only knows what he did with the rest of the money. When she visited the States to see him, instead of finding an album, she got the clap and hustled back to Germany. The bass player got the doctor bill here locally and foolishly passed it on to a well known international blues author and writer who was living here at the time for payment. Well doncha' know that was a hoot!!! Folks, you can't make these things up
  12. There is increasing evidence that sound or resonance can boil water. When this technology is developed it will replace coal, oil, gas, and nuclear fuel used to boil water. This should make electric cars very affordable to drive. Some ancient technologies used sound to generate power. These understandings are now just beginning to be understood. It is likely that the use of these ancient technologies may eventually be used on board electric cars to partially generate the power needed to run the car. It is likely that in the future a technological grid based upon ancient but advanced technologies could be built to power the car as it is driven.
  13. Recently during a moderate drought here I was deep watering my trees. While deep watering I sat on the front porch and watched the neighborhood traffic go by. I was struck by the number of large new SUV's owned by my neighbors. Large and long with fancy wheels they just seemed to parade by. Being a desirable older neighborhood with acre plus lots in the burbs , homes are selling rapidly as younger people move in. So there is no doubt about the validity of this article here in the burbs of St. Louis.
  14. A man left for work one Friday afternoon. But it was payday, so instead of driving home in his TC, he stayed out the entire weekend partying with the boys and spending his entire pay check. When he finally appeared at home on Sunday night, he was confronted by his angry wife and was barraged for nearly two hours with a tirade befitting his actions. Finally his wife stopped the nagging and said to him, “How would you like it if you didn’t see me for two or three days?” He replied, “That would be fine with me.” Monday went by and he didn’t see his wife. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with the same results. But on Thursday, the swelling went down just enough where he could see her a little out of the corner of his left eye.
  15. LOL.....if the world didn't suck we would all fall off
  16. Loafer

    Transit Connect Upgraded

    Thanks robertlane
  17. Loafer

    First road trip in the new 2017 LWB

    My son is in Portland Oregon for an all week eclipse festival. He's sleeping in his TC and loving it. I heard on the news that the forest fire smoke may block viewing of the eclipse. Here in the St. Louis area we are in a moderate drought. The rains keep going north and south of us. With all the hype about the eclipse, it will probably rain that day. You know how it goes. We are in an area where we will, if visible, have a full eclipse. I don't get too excited about it. Now if the Sun came out at midnight, then I might be more interested.
  18. A dork def: someone or something that is stupid, slow witted, awkward, peculiar, unfashionable, inept and a penis. Do you think this reflects on the driver too Hmmmmmmm.....Nah!
  19. Mrtn, tanks for the pics This is clear evidence that public tastes are changing. We will likely see an explosion of these vehicles on the roads. My son gets lots of complements as he travels from place to place. His is a 2012 SWB missing one wheel cover It's a camper in a can
  20. Loafer

    Campervan conversions for TCs

    User1, we have a one foot slide out extension on the front of the elevated bed, and yes when adjusting the seats there is room for it. We place pillows on the extension for either head or feet. Since our mattress is close to six inches thick, we could not extend the mattress full length because it would interfere with the seats when normalized for driving. This mattress has memory foam on one side and regular firm foam on the other. One just need turn it over to suit their sleeping habits. Additionally we have a 1/2 inch thick grooved piece of molded plastic separating the mattress from the wood bed decking to allow for airflow to avoid mold. In addition we have a custom mattress cover the protects the mattress from tiny critters. Remember though, the bed is elevated leaving more room to extend the wood decking. If the decking were lower it would shorten the room to expand. The bed sits on four 2X3 birch posts that fit tightly but are not attached to the bulkhead to prevent warping the bulkhead. The movement is very limited so it's not an issue. The edges of the birch plywood are strengthened with 2X3 birch horizontal strengthening supports with one cross member. The bed is very strong.
  21. Loafer

    New to TC and new to forums

    Ah, acoustic panels, good idea. My son keeps his stereo up so there is no road noise...LOL. He is on the road in his 2012 TC from LA to Oregon for two festivals, the last one being an Eclipse festival. He loves his TC He couldn't be happier in it. His elevated bed is working out great for him. He sleeps in it regularly and enjoys his travels. I hope you do as well
  22. Loafer

    New to TC and new to forums

    There appear to be blinds covering the side/rear window. Where did you find those?
  23. Loafer


    Cool color actually!