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  1. Yes, I believe that would be a good idea and will do so.
  2. Loafer

    Love of My Life

    I would guess New Zealand, likely Maori. She may be the lost Girl Scout.
  3. I don't know. I will check to be sure that Mercon LV was used and the fluid level is proper. It was changed about a month ago at a Ford Dealer, so It should be correct, but I will check. A trusted transmission shop recently drove it and then checked for codes and found nothing.
  4. Interesting and worth a try. This video is very helpful. Thanks
  5. Yes I believe you are right. When going up a hill this often happens.
  6. Additional info: 120,000 miles, motor mounts just replaced, transmission fluid just changed, The problem persists despite this. Other posters have also cited this problem with their transit connects. This seems to be a common issue and I'm wondering if it's normal? If not, is there a fix? Hey Ford, are you out there?
  7. While driving on the highway at 65mph and wanting to pass, I accellerate, then the tranni slams into gear making a loud noise. I took it to a transmission repair service and when they checked it no codes appeared. Is this normal for a 4 speed transit connect? Have others experienced the same issue? Is there a Ford fix? Thanks in advance.
  8. Loafer

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    1. Ease of driving 2. Fuel economy 3. High roof allows raised bed for sleeping 4. Cargo space 5. Unique styling
  9. Loafer

    Tranny Slipage 2012 Transit Connect

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate your thoughts and recommendation. The problem seems to be in third. When he is going uphill and the van needs to downshift into second, it tends to slam in. I know that there are transmission mechanics on this forum and was hoping also to get a better understanding of the level of repair needed and possible costs. At this point i'm thinking of using Ford. He is needing to get back on the road from Missouri to Oregon soon. Hopefully we can get this taken care of properly. Other than that the TC is great, no problems other than normal maintenance. Thanks again.
  10. My son recently told me that his 2012 Transit Connect transmission was slipping. He changed the fluid and it helped but did not solve the issue. Question: Not being an mechanic, who would you take the vehicle to for service, Ford or other.
  11. How sweet it is! Enjoy. My son just returned with his 2012 build, elevated bed, storage, stereo. He racked up 20000 miles with no problems. He spent seven months on the West Coast. He loves the TC.
  12. Loafer

    Christmas Angel

    It was a Becks Beer Christmas here and a good time was had by all.
  13. Loafer

    Christmas Angel

    We kept our doors locked and blocked the chimney this year. By astral projection ( out of body) I scared the snot out of him and sent him packing.