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  1. What is the correct bit that needs to change? I can verify if those bits are indeed set on mine. I used the VIN for the as built configuration off the same year model transit connect cargo van that came with factory navigation for the APIM prior to editing the RCM configuration. I'd expect that in doing so, it'd already have the correct control ID messages.
  2. That's an odd combination for sure. Maybe the SYNC APIM module is defective? I'd bet on that more than the the SYNC module not being there. I installed the SYNC 2 module in mine (from basic AM / FM radio) and it was quite the undertaking as I had to fabricate a harness for the modules (the SYNC2 APIM and standard SYNC APIM module plugs are very similar with a few slight differences). If yours really didn't come with SYNC and there isn't an existing harness, I wouldn't bother retrofitting the original unless you're very motivated.
  3. kdkool

    Cant Change Clock

    I know on the navigation models, you can't change the time as it gets the time from GPS. So if your GPS receiver module (little black box under dash) is down, it could possibly cause that.
  4. kdkool

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    This thread inspired me to do the swap too. Here's my swap. Original: Dumped the 24C32F EEPROM from my original cluster and transferred mileage details (0xF54 to 0xF67) to the new one. Original monochrome cluster's EEPROM is right on the back. Easy access. Color LCD display's EEPROM was on the other side so complete disassembly of cluster including gauges required for access. Done! Pretty fun and straight forward mod!
  5. I've done this but on a 2015. Found a junkyard and pulled all the parts. Once you remove the vinyl floor, you will find a metal frame / plate to fill the foot cavity. This of course will be removed. From the donor car, you will need the seats, the two seat belts, and the side step molding trims (and the lower wall trim panels covering the front passengers belts). All the screw holes already exists and it's just a matter of just bolting it in place. There is no wiring required. Remove the rearward cargo trim panels and install the seat belts. The required nuts were all present as well as the cut out for the seat belt slot in the rear trim panels. I can snap you some pictures if you'd like.
  6. Indeed forums need contribution. I have way too many projects and my transit connect rarely gets action hence the gap in updates. It only has 3k miles on the clock since I purchased it new. Been busy figuring out a LS3 into a BMW wagon and studying a hybrid transmission to build pure EV which lead me down the path of building a solar array system with lead acid batteries and lithium cells. All of this will soon come a screeching halt now that I've taken on building a software startup business. ADHD full fledged.
  7. Wow can't believe it's been so long that I've been here. Just to give you guys an update, I finally got around to fixing the 911 assist nag about it not working. You have to program the RCM unit to enable 911 emergency assist. for my cargo van, I had to change the following in Forscan. 737-02-01 YXXX XXXX XXXX change Y from 4 to C. I can also share my APIM's as built if anyone else ever needs to get this going.
  8. 1- Where do I get the wiring diagram for this? I bought a service manual booklet for it on ebay. 2- Did you bought everything at one place or got them from multi locations. I used ebay to piece together all the parts 3- Did you had to replace the TOP cover with a deferent one to match the front bezel? they look a bit deffernt. No i just used my original one. It looks a little different but it doesn't bother me 4- Is there a way to just get the front bezel and still use the aftermarket head so that the unit facing the back rather in an angle. No, you wouldn't be able to mount a double din unit where the OEM screen is situated. And lastly, what version of the Sync you have and if you are able to get Carplay.I really appreciate your input on this and thank you in advance. I'm just doing a SYNC 2 system but I could pretty easily swap in a sync 3 module for carplay. I don't really care for carplay as I'm lazy about plugging in devices.
  9. Backup camera works great. Backup camera goes directly into the APIM harness at pins 14 and 15. I just clipped the backup camera's RCA jack off and terminated it with the mating pins for the APIM connector. I then went in with forscan to change the value of A128 to a A328 at 7D0-01-01 to activate the backup camera. I'm not sure what you mean by "tipping your hand" but the canbus infrastructure should be the same if the vehicle model could be factory optioned with the SYNC2 / SYNC3 systems. The 3 canbus interfaces are of the same speeds between all the ford vehicles I've studied. Sure, there may be different modules that may be missing or present dependent on options. I guess worst case scenario, I could sniff the canbus packets on another vehicleand resequence them to fake the 911 assist problem or figure out how to deactivate it within the APIM. I haven't had the time to do it yet but I believe reprogramming the restraint module should clear my 911 assist issue. Will confirm in a few days when I get back to the vehicle.
  10. It really depends on your current factory radio. Does your vehicle have the CD player? If it does, then there are 4 speaker outputs. If you have just the AM / FM radio like I did, it only has 2 channels. Anyway I have included a picture of an aftermarket harness that has the speaker channels labeled. The 4 channels are in the white / gray / green / purple pairs. The negative is towards the top near the mating release tab. White/White with black= left front Gray/Gray with black stripe= right front Green/Green with black stripe= left rear Purple/Purple with black strips= right rear
  11. I got the backup camera in mail today. Just got it mounted. Looks really good for an aftermarket camera. Just gotta wait for some more pins to come in so I can populate the APIM harness. Going to run the camera off the reverse signal coming off the GPSM module.
  12. Funny that you mention that because I bought the APIM / Screen from ebay and it shipped out of Quebec.
  13. All right good news! Used forscan to enable the BCM to allow for for a CD player / Touchscreen and it all works now. Doing so also enabled delayed accessory power so all things stay powered on until the door opens. *Happy Dance* Only thing left now is to install the mic, backup camera, and install the SD slot. One weird thing so far is that 911 emergency doesn't work. I'm sure it's another setting of some sort... For another day!
  14. Quick update.... finally got some decent weather to work on this over the weekend. System powers on and plays for audio for a few seconds. Sadly, it powers down with a battery savings message. I can power it back and it repeats itself. I'm not really sure if I'm missing anything obvious. I checked all my connections 3 times but I haven't found anything. I powered the APIM and the GPSM off fuse F67 just like the OEM system. The ACM and the front buttons are powered off F79 also like the OEM diagram. I found a strange discrepency in the wiring diagram and the actual wire color connected to my mechless ACM with regards to pins 3 and 5. Kind of odd but I tried matching up to how the SYNC 2 system is defined. Haven't found anything else more obvious yet. Next step is to see if the BCM or IPC needs any coding to enable anything. Possible things I can think of is needing delayed accessory power enabled or if I need to enable the canbus on the IPC (pins were not populated on the IPC harness). If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears.