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  1. It would be much cheaper and easier to have the car stolen. Divorce is expensive.
  2. Was thinking about something like that, but too intellectually lazy to do the research. Thanks for doing the heavy thinking for me, and just bought one on eBay. Will let you know how it works.
  3. There is no lock button in the back doors. Can only lock all four doors, which will unlock if the fob is in the car. Even closing the rear door or trunk last.
  4. Wish i could do this with my 2017 Fusion with external keypad. Would like to lock the fob in the car while at the beach, then use the keypad to open. However the doors refuse to lock with the fob inside, even when stored in the trunk.
  5. My butt instinct from driving the TC and Wikipedia both agree: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_PowerShift_transmission My daughter has a 2014 Focus and has the same bucking transmission. She is part of the lawsuit, and supposedly will receive a freebie replacement clutch.
  6. From my 2016, one is over each front door.
  7. Delmar

    2016 TC Wagon - Harsh park to drive

    It bucks just like my daughters Focus PowerShift. Would be surprised if its a conventional torque converter transmission.
  8. Would be nice to add the XLT light. This can turn on the local light, turn on all lights, or prevent all lights from turning on.
  9. Pressing PHONE has no response.
  10. Just purchased a 2016 clean XLT LWB. Has the 2nd row buckets and rear liftgate which I really wanted. Neat feature is the huge moonroof with power sliding cover. But the radio has no Sync to connect a phone? Odd combination of options. Would like to swap a basic SYNC unit, or even better swap an aftermarket Android Auto head unit.
  11. Delmar

    2016 TC Wagon - Harsh park to drive

    Nope 2012-up has the PowerShift dual clutch transmission. I am a smart butt: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_PowerShift_transmission My daughter has a 2014 Focus PowerShift and is having slipping issues. Ford plans to replace her clutch.
  12. Delmar

    2016 TC Wagon - Harsh park to drive

    No dipstick. I mean the TC does not have a dipstick, not a personal comment toward you. Might as well change the fluid if I'm going through the hassle of pulling the side plug.
  13. Does anyone have this carbon fiber looking film above the windshield and the front portion of their roof? Image attached. My recently acquired TC has the neat big moonroof with power sliding cover. However the film prevents you from seeing in or out. Kinda defeats the purpose of the glass, unless there is some other hidden button to open. I suspect the film is aftermarket, and there was a leak around the moonroof that the film effectively sealed.
  14. Delmar

    2016 TC Wagon - Harsh park to drive

    There is no Sync badge or functions like my former 2013 Escape. I push the phone button and there is no response on the screen. No menu function for Bluetooth® or to pair a phone. There is a USB port in the console, however could be broken as it won't even charge a phone. Least of my worries.