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  1. olegburn

    Platform Overland Style Roof Rack

    Ditto on the hardware. Traditionally these are called plus nuts in my circles and work wonderfully. I have i think 4 that secure my channel. Some were installed using factory oval holes and couple i had to drill. Important getting visual on where you will drill. Especially around where curtain airbags are . Tape measure is your friend. Reinforcement crossbars are also should be avoided.
  2. olegburn

    Platform Overland Style Roof Rack

    In my opinion having that channel helps spreading weight of the feet over wider area. I only carry pipe on the rack. 100 lbs maybe 125 at most. System is rated for much more. As someone mentioned Ford has limit on roof load. I used TC for camping also. I moved cross bars closer together and had Thule cargo box on it. All felt secure.
  3. olegburn

    Platform Overland Style Roof Rack

    The feet can slide up and down on these Channel and you can have as many feet as you want. My cross bars are connected to these feet
  4. olegburn

    Platform Overland Style Roof Rack

    I installed Vantech USA roof rack that has channel i bolted using some original plugged holes and adding some anchoring points of my own. I will try to post some pictures
  5. olegburn

    2020 16" wheels, tires, and hubcaps for sale

    Hello! are these items still available?
  6. olegburn

    MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent

    Hello, collinjx! Please send pictures if your fan is still available. Thanks! Oleg
  7. I use same VanTech USA crossbars and love them. I didn't install them in fixed positions but rather on the U-channel/track I also bought from them. Plus nuts were used to attach the track and slider brackets hold the brackets. I can slide and position it anywhere on the track. Two nuts secure the brackets in place. It is all aluminum construction. I'm happy.
  8. Checking with a friend who is a trucker to see if he has loads in your vicinity. I have a LWB cargo van that I think by adding 3rd row will let me do some camping with kids and a dog. My 2015 van has attachment points for seat belt assemblies. Do you have this as well? I wonder if they're the same as your 2014?
  9. Eddwal50,it is awful nice of you. Can you please put me in as first? Now all I need is to figure how to arrange to pick it up from you. I'm in Ohio. Let me work on this. Thanks! Oleg.
  10. olegburn

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    very informative thread. Thanks!
  11. Would you mind posting the attachment points on the underneath the seats? And seat belt assembly pics as well? Thanks!
  12. olegburn

    American Van shelving, ladder rack

    Their alum.shelves are very good. For pipe rack I went with Vantech USA racks
  13. olegburn

    Cargo Mat for Van Models

    I tried, working out of smartphone doesn't necessarily make one smarter. I need to download pics to my PC first and then I'll post them. Sorry.
  14. olegburn

    Cargo Mat for Van Models

    If this is helpful to anyone, I will try to post pics of what I found under the mat in the cargo area in my van.