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  1. Wow, Boomerweps, you don't mess around! Thanks for the quick reference measurements, I'm making notes! I do have a LWB with 3rd row seats typically folded flat. Not quite as convenient for work, but more than makes up for it in people hauler + camping modes. I also use a bag (made by GripNGaff) with my cart - it slides over one of the uprights. Perfect way to carry a tripod, light stands, light modifiers, etc. It extends the overall length of the cart about a foot. Some day I'll modify a typical poly utility cart to my exact specs and then worry about ramping it into a van. In the meantime, folding the RnR'er isn't a big deal.
  2. I use a RockNRoller R12rt for all of my photo gear. Great cart! One trip! I collapse it, though. Wagon version raises the floor too high to roll it in.
  3. Kyle Kielinski

    Gas Tank Capacity

    I usually fill up when the light first comes on or just before. Usually around 12-12.5 gallons. I wish the tank held 2-3 gallons more.
  4. Kyle Kielinski

    Small van sales down Sep-Nov 2016

    Maybe buyers start thinking about inclement weather come September and realize there are exactly zero 4wd/AWD options in the small van market. I'd trade my TC in for an AWD version in a hot second.
  5. Kyle Kielinski

    [SOLD] Factory Wheels, Tires & TPMS

    Yup, nice meeting you TOASTERvan! Thanks for the wheels!
  6. Kyle Kielinski

    [SOLD] Factory Wheels, Tires & TPMS

    I'm interested in buying the wheels and live in Philadelphia.
  7. Kyle Kielinski

    WeatherTech vs Husky vs Ford Liners

    Nope, I have a wagon. I wish the seat backs and folding "floor" pieces were of a more impermeable material. Even though I have a wagon I'm using this thing for it's hauling and utility purposes. $100+ for aftermarket liners is kinda ridiculous. I didn't notice that the 1st Row Husky's had more coverage but now I see it! Thanks for that. Looks like the Weathertech 2nd Row Liner may have a bit more coverage than Husky, though... Pricing is pretty comparable - around $200 for two rows.
  8. Kyle Kielinski

    WeatherTech vs Husky vs Ford Liners

    I had Weathertech liners in my previous vehicle (crew cab pickup) for the 8yrs I owned it. They were thoroughly abused by me, my children, and my friends on many a fishing/camping trip, in addition to daily wear and tear. Always cleaned up looking like new. I'll definitely be ordering a 1st & 2nd row set for the TC at some point. I'm disappointed that Weathertech only offer cargo liners for behind the 1st and 3rd rows. Looks like Ford is the only maker of a "behind the 2nd row" liner. I'd like to see one in person before committing.