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  1. Hey, I noticed your comment about towing a trailer for your business. I'm in the construction trade and was wondering how the trailer system with the TC worked? Email me at JAlvisLLC@gmail.com Thank you!

  2. cabmeister


    As far as I can remember there is only one size extention and specific to the ford threading etc. In other words the model # you purchased for the vehicle should have the part to order as an option if your oil pan drain hole is set back a little from the main casting . I just went out to refresh my memory and yes I used both washers and they are blue but never use any loctite on either .the extention is about 7/8" to 1" there abouts. I hope that helps.
  3. cabmeister


    I have one fitted as well . You need the extention Fitting as well to keep it off the casing a little .
  4. cabmeister


    Yes WOW :speedie: but needs change and after a few close call lessons have changed my route to work . :shrug: but all is cool ,did the sebring bit and all that . Now have a set of wheels that earns me $$ most times .
  5. cabmeister

    Transmission Cooler

    No high Temps as far as I know ,have no way to measure . All seems normal but have concerns being in Florida ,just would like an additional cooler on for re-assurance . It sort of put me off when I asked about it at Uhaul . Stuck at where to go for reliable service and advise ,especially with a new to market vehicle. Keith
  6. cabmeister

    Transmission Cooler

    Has anyone had an after market cooler fitted to there 2010 ? . If so ,could you please furnish info . . I asked at Uhaul when I had my tow hitch put on and was told it already had a cooler ,so thats as far as that conversation went . I know there would be a way to put one on after the stock , but I am not versed in such things ,so I am trying to get the best advise possible . Thanks . Keith
  7. Hi John , There is more on this subject in the Cargo,Hauling,Towing&Upfit Packages section of the forum . A few responces in the Towing with the Transit Connect. Keith
  8. cabmeister


    You won`t be sorry you went for that one . Good bit of kit for sure. Mine has done everything I have asked of it .
  9. cabmeister

    WTB radio with cd player

    I have the stock radio / cd player that came out of my 2010 the ford 6000 cd model . Email me what you want to offer for it . cabmeister@comcast.net
  10. cabmeister

    Starter problems!

    I would be having the battery checked out first off .
  11. cabmeister

    TPMS ???

    Thanks Guys for the comeback . Made the score on E-bay . Thanks WOODY ,there was another one that was just put up "new" $ 28.89 with postage (buy it now). Again thank you Gentlemen. Keith
  12. cabmeister

    TPMS ???

    I have over the last 2 weeks been trying to obtain a TPMS reset tool from E-BAY but have had no luck (always outbid) So today I contacted my local Ford parts place .The guy there told me that there was no tpms sensor secified for the transit ,but I told him I did not think it mattered which tpms tool, He then passed me over to the service tech who said that I do not need the tool for every day things like tire rotation as long as the tire is set to the correct pressure when changing from front to rear etc. it would read all ok . Of course not having tried any rotation as yet I was at a loss. From what I am reading here I DO NEED THE TOOL for tire rotation . So Gentlemen could you advise on the number I have to give the parts person to just tell him "heres the # ,bloody order the thing will ya ". I did notice there have been a few #`s posted before but wanted to have the right one , to be sure . Thanks Keith
  13. cabmeister

    Tow Hitch Lighting hook up

    Thanks gentlemen for your input A Kurt 56090 Harness kit on its way as I type Yes the U-Haul place did tap into the existing lights . I am sure this will sort it out . Again thank you :: Keith
  14. I mentioned in an ealier post that I have had a hitch fitted by U-Haul and that I successfully completed my first time try out with my TC. What I forgot to mention was that , with the electrics plugged in ,when you turn on either direction signals the bulbs start off flashing normal rate but like in an instant flash like crazy.Then they do not work . Has anyone else who is towing had this problem . From what I can tell there is no plug in flasher unit ,it is run from a module . Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks :: Keith
  15. cabmeister

    Roof insulation completed

    Not a problem . Search out on E-bay . The one that I found was from a seller " carboagez" it included the complete wireing diagrams as well .If I remember correctly, there was a few up for sale .