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  1. For the Record: I sent an email to Ford asking for an official responce to the question posted above. My email is as follows: In regards to the Transit Connect Warranty. The owners guide 2nd edition states a 'warning' to not tow with the vehicle. The warranty guide Edition 6 states that damage caused by 'misuse' of the vehicle is not covered but does not list towing. Would towing within the load capacity be defined by Ford as 'misuse'? I need an official responce from Ford for the Transit Connect Forum. Fords responce is as follows: My name is Christie with the Ford Customer Relationship Center and I am here to assist you regarding your inquiry about towing the 2011 Ford Transit Connect. Like what was indicated in the Owner's Guide, the vehicle is not equipped to tow. No towing packages are available through an authorized Dealer. With that being said, Ford Motor Company recommends to follow the information provided by the Owner's Guide. It is the responsibility of the customer to follow the guidelines stated at the manual. Failure to follow as specified in the Owner's Guide will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by the lack of maintenance. I hope this information helps you. If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them for you. Thanks again for contacting Ford Motor Company. Sincerely, Christie Customer Relationship Center Ford Motor Company
  2. An extended version is what I'm waiting for....or a diesel version for towing. Be sure to read the "warranty' post in this forum before towing.
  3. Will Ford honor their warranty if the vehicle is towing within its load capacity? The manual says the vehicle is not meant for towing but what will really happen? (Opinion doesnt matter unless it applies with reality)
  4. Has anyone tryed a side rack that could hold sheets on edge? Something like a glass carrier only simpler thats attached to the outside.
  5. The greatest problem for the construction trades and the Transit Connect is loading a 4x8 sheet goods. After much thought and trips to the dealer my resolution is as follows: Install quich release mechanisms to the frot passenger seat similar to those in other vehicles. One could easily remove the seat and latch it to the rear of the drivers side therefore allowing a passenger if needed. By removing the the seat sheet good are allowed to be stored on edge and secured to the side for safe transport. What do you think? Does this seem viable?
  6. Hey, I noticed your comment about towing a trailer for your business. I'm in the construction trade and was wondering how the trailer system with the TC worked? Email me at JAlvisLLC@gmail.com Thank you!