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  1. Try junk yards near NYC, I was told only NY taxi has sliding glass. Took me 3 years of searching to find Taxi in junk yard headed to crusher. Ford parts will not sell Taxi glass as it will not even show in thier system even if you have Taxi VIN. Glass has same part # both sides even though glass is different. Its made by Turkey Glass Co that will not respond comes only included with Taxi package. Now have to get that fiberglass filler panel out without scratching door I will post here if I find another set.
  2. Byron

    225/55/17 tires; Will they fit?

    I am running 235-55-17 stock tires,TPMS, rims from a Escape. Only slight rub at full lock.
  3. Had the same issue and made me nuts till I found problem. It is probably the bulb holder for TS. What I found is that the bulb holder wears through where it is in contact with bulb. You can solve by slightly bending wire on bulb or replacing holders. My dealer stocks a big bag of holders so they are aware of issue.
  4. Taxi package has this window in window.
  5. Byron

    Paint flaking off

    Have had same thing on roof of my 35,000 mile 2013. Dealer said Ford would warranty it, strip and repaint entire roof. I dont trust dealer not to make a mess of my vehicle based on how they handled other service work.
  6. Byron

    Remove Front Passenger Seat

    Try http://airbagsystems.com
  7. The MK2 nose yet to be painted and installed.
  8. I am in the process of instaling a earlier front on my US Connect. I bought a bumper and grill for the 06-09 model and had it shipped over.
  9. I have a similar issue that I want to make my 2013 a one person vehicle. Want to disable the passenger seat airbag and sensors so that I can remove the seat without a bunch of warning lights.
  10. Byron

    2014+ TC Manual Conversion

    @dotmaster206, keep up the posts. I am nearing 3 years owning a 2013 TC and plan to convert to manual trans when warranty is up. I live near Orlando so nice to know a local shop will have experience. The computer stuff makes me nuts. My van is fighting the swap to 17" Escape wheels and I need to turn off passenger seat airbag so I can use the folding Euro passenger seat. Will be watching your progress reports.
  11. Fold Flat Front Seat from German Transit Connect / Tourneo. Folds level with cargo area to extend useable space to the dash. SOLD
  12. Byron

    Camper Conversion 6"2"

    Mrtn, have seen the partition hinged in some folding seat TCs. More of a cage but it swings forward in line with the center console seperating the driver from folded passenger seat.
  13. Byron

    Operation Adventure Transit

    @Lost, the folding seat serms like it will work fine and adds a lot of camping space. Euro TCs dont have as many sensors as we do so I need to add a inline resistor at the seat harness to fool the computer. Because of more than one friend overseas I ended up with 2 right seats but Craigslist can sort that out.
  14. Byron

    Operation Adventure Transit

    Thanks @lost, good to hear there is a tire option that works. I will check it out when its time for new rubber.