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  1. Jaymz

    Transmission Failures?

    Had my trans service (flush and new fluid?) done 2 months ago @ 65k miles by the Ford dealer. 2-3 weeks ago I started hearing a faint whine that raises in pitch with speed (not engine rpm's). It started getting louder this week. Have 69k miles now. I checked the trans fluid level last night and looks like the dealer overfilled it. About 4-5 inches ABOVE the full mark on the stick. The Ford Transit Connect shop manual I found online says DO NOT overfill trans or overheating/damage may occur. No signs of problems besides the noise. Bought it to the dealer today, confirmed the noise and the overfill. Left it there and I'm waiting to hear back.
  2. Leaving for work this morning the windows were fogged so I put on the front and rear window defroster. Light rain with temp in the upper 40's. Drove 5 miles and while sitting in the parking lot the left rear window shattered! Nothing hit it so I'm guessing the defroster element wires may have something to do with it. I noticed the leads at the bottom of both rear windows look discolored, almost burned. I covered both sides with duct tape to hold it together until I can get it repaired. The auto glass shop quoted about $250 for a new window and said they see this happen often. The Ford manual says "the rear window defroster will turn off after a predetermined amount of time, if a low battery condition is detected, or the ignition is tuned off" Maybe mine isn't turning off and overheating the element and glass? I'll stop by the dealer next week and see what they have to say.
  3. Jaymz


    303 Aerospace protectant is the product to use on plastic, rubber, vinyl, etc. It's a great tire UV blocker/protectant and the only one that works. NOT a "dressing" like ArmourAll junk and all the others that contain petroleum distillates. Sure it makes them shiney but NOT what you want to use. http://www.303produc...-protectant.cfm http://www.303produc...ation_guide.htm I use it on our RV tires and decals and all plastic and rubber parts/trim on the vehicles. Most marine and RV stores carry 303 and Walmart has it online and maybe instore.
  4. Jaymz

    Operation Adventure Transit

    Big change in your ride Fast WRX to slow going Transit. Soon after I got the Transit, I pulled up to a buddy at a light. He was in his worked Ford GT (700hp). He shouted over "What are you doing in THAT?!?!" I replyed "You have the fastest Ford, so I had to get the slowest" Btw, I unload the tools and load the Transit with Kiteboarding gear when the wind blows. Makes a nice warm changing locker too. Surf on!
  5. Sorry to say they shred the seats and scrap the steel :( I would love to have a back seat to bolt in to carry that 3rd or 4th person when needed.
  6. What's on your mind?

  7. Jaymz

    Volvo Wheels for Transit Connect 4 sale

    I'll be thinking about wheels in another year when I wear out the stockers. I'm in NJ so freight is a deal breaker. Just wondering which Volvo wheels fit the Transit Connect? 108x5 but what offset? I've seen 40mm and 52.5mm offset. Thanks.
  8. Jaymz

    Pads and Rotors at 22k Miles

    What year is your van? I have a 2012 with 5500 mi and wonder if they upgraded the pads on the '12's? I'll keep an eye on them.
  9. Jaymz

    seat belt buzzer turn off, please

    I did mine. It rings one time and the light stays on. Not as bad as every 20 seconds or so like before.
  10. Jaymz

    The Long Wait

    I do not know if this is of any help, but....I went to my local dealer early Nov. and said find me a 2012 XLT in silver with rear windows. She mentioned one was at port in MD but said she could not promise me when it would be delivered, but guessed maybe within 2-3 weeks. It arrived in 20 days. Guess it depends on other things as well and also how "burried" in the lot it is. I love my TC for work so far. Good luck.
  11. Jaymz

    Husky Floor Liners ???????

    Thanks Bruce.
  12. Picked up the new silver 2012 XLT today for our tile installation bussiness. 6 years and 33k miles/year in an '06 F-350 Diesel has been painfully expensive at the pump and impractical as a daily driver. Most workdays are just hand tools, a wetsaw, and supplies. Still keeping the F-350 for the 1-2 days a month I need to haul heavy. Also Dirtbike year round (the bike fits!) and kiteboard summers / kite ski winters and the Transit should fit in well with the hobbies. Another plus here is everything will stay DRY for a change
  13. Jaymz

    Husky Floor Liners ???????

    I've had a pair of Husky's in the F-350 for 3-4 years now. Fit well. Recently noticed a wear hole from the heel of my right boot wearing though. Got my moneys worth. I just picked up a new Transit Connect today and stopped by the local truck equip. center. I asked if he could get WeatherTech mats and he said YES. But maybe he meant Husky. I'll find out Tues when I go in for the shelving and hitch.