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  1. Daniel-J

    Mi exterior and interior lights flicker

    Have you made a replacement yet? Is everything okay? My friend has a van and there's a constant ventilation problem, it's very hot in his city. Bottom line, he wants to put a similar unit in the casing to keep it cooler inside. I think that's a questionable idea.
  2. Daniel-J

    radio doesn't work - 2012

    Can you send pictures? You may not have a typical situation.
  3. Daniel-J

    Can second row seats be installed in cargo models?

    You don't need extra permission for that?
  4. Daniel-J

    Whiting out emblems? Or "Blacking out"?

    I like it when the car is decorated with emblems that match the color. I have a desire to get an airbrush on my car, but I'm afraid it's going to cost a lot of money.
  5. Daniel-J


    Thank you for the links and your car care experience. I'll keep it for myself, I'll definitely need it.
  6. Daniel-J


    Good to see you all! Going on a journey that will change my life. My goal is to travel in a trailer for at least three to five years. It requires preparation. I don't have a car and I don't know much about its maintenance, so I joined you.