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Shifter Stuck and Transmission Malfunction

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My shifter got stuck in the park position, but the transmission stayed in neutral with the dashboard screen in park. With the car still on I had a friend check the brake lights and noted the top 3 turned on but the bottom 2 didn't. I turned the engine off, noting a constant clicking noise, and left it for the day as I had to attend another thing. The next day I found the battery dead so I jumpstarted it. The dashboard screen said Normal Mode, then showed it was in N - keep in mind the shifter's physical location was still in park. With the engine on, I manual released the shifter interlock and shifted into drive and then into sport(low gear) and the dashboard screen highlighted drive and then sport. The transmission also shifted into low gear at the same time as expected. However, when I shifted back into neutral, the transmission and dashboard screen stayed in low gear. So I turned the car off, but noticed I couldn't remove the key until I brought the shifter back to the park position. Bringing it back to park got it stuck again and would not move unless I manually released the interlock. I attempted to start the engine again however, it would not start. When inserting the key, the dashboard screen is still in low gear, with the shifter in the park position, and the transmission in an unknown state. 


  • I realized that the clicking noise was the interlock releasing and engaging and I'm speculating that the solenoid could be faulty - and the battery died because it continued to release/engage the lock all night.  
  • The brake switch could also be faulty, however would I have been able to start it the first time if it was? The switch was still turning 3/5 of the brake lights. 
  • Another simple thing are the fuses for the rear lights - however I could not find the cargo fuse box anywhere on my van, and would like confirmation that all TCs have this fuse box before tearing into the wall and floors. 


This has become an interesting troubleshooting process with a lot of components that I have not had much experience with. Any advice, or shared experiences would be much appreciated!







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