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talk me into a TC

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Currently live in Northern Virginia  I could see myself moving south in a few years. but definitely not north.


I currently drive a 2013 Cmax Hybrid  with 80K miles  most of the miles are spent on an 18 mile slug into work each day.  Have done the occasional trip to canada, florida, New Hampshire, ohio.  so i do get around with it.  The Cmax has known transmission issues so I'm looking to get rid of it before 100K


My hobby is Remote control sail boats  which are getting bigger and harder to haul in the Cmax.  very hard to haul extra people and boats with out a masters degree in tetris. 


So i've been looking at vehicles online,  and I don't need the big size of a minivan, but I do like the options for a minivan or a small SUV,  just not fond of the prices. (did I mention I'm cheap) .  a titanium TC could be had for under 30.  lightly used ones for right around 20... even the xlt's are bad optioned out...  nto sure the jump to a titanium is worth it from an XLT.


The TC Wagon has had my eye for a while (before I bought the cmax)  and I like the vastness of the cargo area. (basically a big empty box) with options for 3 rows of seats.


There isn't much that I don't like,  but Lack of power,  looks only a mother could love, seats don't tryly fold flat into the floor, suspension (rear), fuel mileage.


I am used to driving a hybrid  so the lack of power doen't scare me to much,  but   do I need to be concerned?  is there a benefit of the 2.5  Vs the 2.0   I could probably get a fleet option based on my current employer...


talk to me folks...


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I haven't had any problem keeping up with traffic in my Gen 1 TC.  Like you say, it's a box with wheels.  That's how I use it.  It won't get hybrid mileage, that's for sure, but it's not a gas hog SUV, either.  I get between 20 and 30 mpg, depending on whether I'm sitting in traffic and loaded down or droning along the freeway at a constant speed limit speed.

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CMax in a nice car.  4 or 5 years ago had a rental we drove to Yellowstone.  Not bad, extra kick from electric was nice in higher elevation, I was able to pass without too much difficulty.  We had a fun game between my wife, son and I to see who could get the highest speed before the gas engine kicked in.  My TC is certainly not fast but is good enough, I have wanted more power many times but it does OK.  My other car is a Chevy Volt which is pretty good up to about 50.  I have ridden sport bikes for years, now that's acceleration!  I find the interior room in the TC to be fantastic.  Biggest issue I have is the rear opening (I have the lift gate) is lower than the inside height.  I sometimes carry one of my scooters (not that's not fast) inside.  Both will fit with the seats folded flat but it is easier if I take the rear seats out.  I have the big WeatherTech mat that is supposed to go on top of the folded seats.  With the rear seats out it is not flat but is good enough.  For scooter hauling I put a 3x3 piece of MDF board on top of the mat for the center stand to rest on.  the front wheel goes between the two middle seats.  Note I have the Titanium with 6 passenger configuration.  I have hauled all kinds of stuff in the van including, a scooter, wood, grandkids, 65" TV, furniture when my son moved out, dishwasher, double ovens, and my mother-in-law.  The TC is a great vehicle for older folks as it's not a sit down and have to climb out or a climb up to get in and then need a ladder to get down, its just slide right into the seat.  


I did not set out to buy a Titanium, was looking for a good deal on a new one with leather, 6 passenger, upgraded sound system, and a  towing package.  I bought a 2016 in late November of 2017.  The dealer came off a little over $7,000 so I was happy.  I have the Ford MyTouch instead of the newer Sync 3 but it works well for me.  The Navigation system is nice.  I really like the larger backup camera screen and the backup sensors.  I have the towing package and the driving lights.  Most of the time the driving lights are off but the corning light function is nice.  It had the towing package which is good for me and I like that it is integrated in the wiring without having to do a lot of extra work.  Like the lift gate, nice to stand under when loading grandkids and groceries at Costco. The Titanium has folding mirrors which are good for me as my garage is tight and I fold them to make it easier to get out.  Also for the cool factor when parked next to an expensive German car.  :-)


I am super happy with my TC Wagon and have done everything I wanted it for except camping in it - took my motorcycle camping instead.

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AH...  A specific hobbyist user. IMHO, that's a big part of what built the TC's reputation in the United States.


I got introduced to Transit Connects by My Lady. Her thing was dog shows; we showed Irish Setters in Canine Agility and the Conformation ring.


Conventional vans weren't quite right for dog show use; dog crates and agility course equipment are very awkward cargo to handle in them.


In 2009, the first Transit Connects showed up at dog shows in our region; they were an instant hit. The sliding side doors made it PERFECT for the

awkward loads.


The "Cash For Clunkers" program showed up, and the die was cast... she got our first Transit, dubbed LRT (Little Red Truck), and wearing the vanity

plate IR STR. It was a 2010, with side windows.


The TC was PERFECT for the job! It could easily handle three large dog crates, as well as loading all of the other junk that a dog show requires. LRT

was the envy of everyone on the dog show circuit, and a LOT of Transit Connects began to appear in show parking lots.


I liked it because I'm addicted to wearing big hats...  Stetson Ranchers and Resistols. Unlike the Ford Ranger I was driving at the time, the vast head

room in LRT didn't require me to remove it to get in!  Psychologically, LRT gave the impression of being a much LARGER vehicle than it actually was,

and that felt GOOD.


Unfortunately, My Lady passed away in 2012, and I inherited LRT. I'm a ham radio nut, and LRT was perfect for the frequent "Hamfests" (radio swap

meets) that I go to, hauling electronic gear for sale and swap.


I didn't have to unload it; I simply opened the sliding doors and rear cargo doors and I was set up, ready for business!


Reluctantly, I just traded in LRT; extensive frame damage from road salt made her unreliable...  tho everything in it still worked fine after 11 years.


LRT has been replaced by LRT 2...  a brand new 2020 Transit Connect XLT wagon. I've had it for about 2 weeks now and I'm LOVING it! It has all of

the same virtues of the original LRT, plus a whole lot of advanced electronics that I'm still trying to get used to.


LRT 2 still wears the same IR STR vanity plates that LRT wore, and the glove box contains the dog collar tags that LRT carried from the good dogs

that have now gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. Some traditions ya just can't let go of...


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