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Ford Transit Custom PHEV

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Interesting, not sure how much zip it will have but electric + 1 liter engine might be enough.  Have a 1st gen Volt and it is a great vehicle.  

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All electric will give the best power & torque.  Full time all-wheel-drive, with a separate motor at each drive wheel, could be the best design for everything from racing, to military.  High torque electric motor with output shaft directly attached to each wheel.  Computers can control which wheel to spin and which wheel to slow or even stop.  Batteries along the bottom of car will provide for a low center of gravity; which will allow even high profile trucks to have better weight distribution and handle better.


The engineering challenge is how to power those electric motors.  How long will the batteries take to charge, versus how much use that charge is good for.  That's where our technology hasn't quite caught up.  Obviously, we are spoiled with filling up a gas tank in a few minutes, then having a range of 300+ miles.  A diesel or gasoline powered generator to charge the batteries is out.  The generator would consume more fuel per mile, in order to create enough power to charge a battery, and then delivery that power to the wheel.  You would continue to pollute the air, plus, pollute more air per mile.  Solar panel technology is not yet able to create enough energy, as the motors would consume more electricity, and faster than the panels could produce.  Fast charging technology is getting better, as well as battery technology.  But we still can't travel for 5 hours with a 5 minute fillup.  


For what we have in technology, electric cars do fill a niche.  For some people, they are perfect.  Electric fork lifts and golf cars have been around for a very long time.  And now, electric cars have been working out for a lot of people.  I just wish that I could work an electric car into my drive cycle.  Real world circumstances prohibit me from using current electric vehicle technology.  I live in an apartment and park on the street.  I have no access to plug in charging.  I drive around all day, and the time & mileage limit per charge would not last for my daily use.  I take road trips up & down the state, and across state lines.  Long distance trips are not as easy to plan, as you have to travel from charging station to charging station, and plan a lot of down time for charging.  


.....and I've really got to wonder if anyone has tried to take a Tesla SUV offroad, or on a 2 week long hunting & fishing trip?  In my mind, I'm trying to factor in bringing a diesel generator, and how much diesel fuel I'll need.  I can only imagine running that generator all night, in the woods, while camping and having to sleep next to it.  What does a generator need?  1 gallon per hour of run time?  How much diesel will I need for an overnight 10 hour charge?  

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