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Cleaning the headliner?

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Curious what people are using to clean their headliners in the TC...


I've got some ugly, black stains, that might have a little oil in them from working on the car, but might just be dirt.  

Thing is, I'm reluctant to use soap and water because I fear there's something under the fabric surface of the headliner that might not react too well to getting wet.  


Fortunately the stains aren't terrible, so if I don't have any options it won't kill me.  It would just be nice to clean it up a little.  


I'll see if I can get a photo or two up tomorrow.  It's 4 o'clock in the morning here and I have to sleep.  :drop:

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3 hours ago, mrtn said:

Dry carpet cleaner spray + vacuum?

That would be my choice also, good call

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