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4F27E vs 6F35... Is it really a big deal?

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My wife and I are looking to replace our 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette with something that isn't a smoking pile of GM garbage.

So, naturally, we started looking at the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey vans, since we have two little boys in car seats and sliding doors and third row seats/cargo is important.

But, this is a Ford Transit Connect forum, which brings me to my question for you all:

We have test driven a TC (2017 XLT) and we really liked it.

I've read everything I can on the forums about these cars, and I'm well aware of the transmission issues.

But, are they overstated? Were they more of a problem with overloaded (commercial use) TC vans with the older 4-speed 4F27E transmissions?

Is a 2014-2017 model with the 6F35 transmission, used solely for passengers, going to be better?

I know that the newer Focus with the 6F35 has allegedly had some problems, but it's my understanding that these issues have largely been addressed by Ford through programming and better seals.

So, what advice do you guys have for me?

Should I go ahead and buy a TC anyway?

I can find a lot of them available out there with about 10,000-30,000 miles for $15-20k, which is great -- but the lack of available used TCs with high mileage worries me. Why are there so many low-mileage TCs for sale, anyway? People trying to dump them?


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I think *personal opinion* that the only real problem is that Ford is touting the 6F35 as a '100K maintenance free' transmission and people are finding that it's fairly hard on it's transmission fluid.  If you buy a new one and service the transmission every 25 to 30K I would be very surprised if you ever experience a problem



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Mine is a 2014 Xlt with the 6F35 . I often tow a 1300- 1600 lb trailer  I change the fluid every 23000- 26000 miles .  I have 63000 on the clock.  The transmission has been very good. 

Don is correct that it is hard on the fluid.

I think there are a lot of 2 year lease vehicles and the mileage  is correct for the lease time.

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My Transit Connect is a body wagon.   Sometimes a booty wagon.   I only move people.  Dollar for dollar, it is one of the least expensive vehicles that seats 7.  With the folding seats, you can configure and reconfigure any way you want.  Mine sees passengers in wheelchairs, and like you will be doing, hauls little ones in car seats.  The air conditioning has worked well, even with heat in the 90's.  And like every Ford I've ever driven, the heater puts out plenty of heat, even in winter months, great head room and leg room.  Very nimble in comparison to F-Series pickups and Econoline Vans of yesteryear.  As far as bells and whistles, leather seats, a quiet cabin, smooth ride, high fidelity sound system.......luxury and comfort come in vehicles that cost twice as much.  


I have a truck for hauling and towing.  My Transit Connect has never hauled or towed.  But I have not had any issues, with using the van as a passenger vehicle.

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