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My company, Glampervan, is now converting Ford Transit Connects (2010-2013) to our proprietary design. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/glampervanus/photos/a.938060569614378.1073741828.936097313144037/1308611705892594/?type=3&theater 
- Rob Novotny
Chief Excursion Officer

glampervan copyright - 1 (4) copy.jpg

glampervan copyright - 1 (7).jpg

glampervan copyright - LT 1MB.jpg

IMG_6400 LT 1MB2.jpg

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Very nice set up. :salute: I'm curious about a couple of things.  1.  What did you place between the mattress and wood to keep the mattress from absorbing moisture from the wood?  2.  How did you fasten your window coverings?  It's good that you used what looks like a six inch mattress...way better than the three inch foam so often used. 

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Obviously, I'm missing something here  -  Not the first time I'll admit though.  Many things which sound like a great idea to others don't make a lick of sense to me 

Why would anyone willing to spend $12K to $15K to convert an existing vehicle into a camper-van want to start with a 4 to 8 year old vehicle with (one would assume) 75K to 150K miles on it?  Why not begin with a newer vehicle with 25K or fewer miles on it?

I don't see how you would ever come close to getting hardly any of your $15K back when it comes time to sell if you spent that much modifying an older vehicle  -  Especially one with a history of maintenance problems like the Gen 1 TC's have.  It would seem obvious (to me anyway) that these conversions would be much more practical for newer TC's rather than the old ones.  Any plans to offer the service specifically for Gen 2's??


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