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New USPS Mail Truck - TC?

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Yeah. Seems like a natural.

You know, it does, but it doesn't.

Prior to the Grumman units they have now they primarily used Jeeps. If you look at the longevity on both they averaged 20 years of service life from each of the platforms. I can't see a TC lasting that long under the mindless abuse that Postal carriers will put them to, can you?

There's a reason that FedEx, UPS and the others use custom platforms. They're designed specifically for what they do and they're dead simple. Even a plastic dash will be trashed inside of a year in USPS use then the cost of maintenance becomes crazy prohibitive.

And since you can't change the people you'll pay 3x as much as you should for a "bulletproof" vehicle and add further fuel to the USPS moneypit argument.

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