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  1. Connect owner UK

    6000 cd loss of sound

    Do you have a button with the telephone symbol on it, that might be pressed, that mutes the sound.
  2. Connect owner UK

    6000 cd loss of sound

    Do you have a button with the telephone symbol on it, that might be pressed, that mutes the sound.
  3. Connect owner UK

    Illinois Tollway Transponders

    That screened part is only a plastic film as a sun screen. I would have thought though, that maybe a heated screen may pose a problem??
  4. Connect owner UK

    Audio options ?

  5. Connect owner UK

    front spoiler - Travel inn van

    Es sieht wie das wurde gebildet als das weg von der Gewohnheit aus. Ich mag das, das er auf der Rückseite hat.
  6. Connect owner UK

    Focus rims

    Thanks B)
  7. Connect owner UK

    Focus rims

    I have put a set of ford focus 15 spoke polished rims on my UK TC. 7 X 17 with 205/50/17 tyres, I bought these pre-owned.
  8. Connect owner UK

    My custom roof rack

    I took mine off an Audi.
  9. Connect owner UK

    Rear Door Panel Removal

    As a side note, the one piece tailgate shown above, is only an option on the european short wheel base TC. Its not offered on the LWB verion.
  10. Connect owner UK

    What is it ? Ford part.

    Are you the same guy who posted this in 2007 as well, http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/t764384.html
  11. Connect owner UK

    Accelerator lag

    OK, with reference to my above post, I know why I get it in the UK, as I have a manual, the throttle is set for 750 rpm, and will not work below that. I do have a habit of creeping forward when looking for a gap to pull out, and by engaging the gearbox/clutch, my throttle drops below the magic 750, and now in effect will not accelerate. Now I know to give it a bit of gas before creeping, and when I get a gap in the traffic, it pulls away nicely. Perhaps you guys are getting it because you have engaged the A/C?
  12. Connect owner UK

    Chrome bits.

    As far as I know, we still have the up down mirror, although someone pointed out to me that we can now have the other option on the 2011 range, but I feel they will not be popular, as there is too much of a blind spot behind/side of the vans. Plus, although its only minimal, as our side roads are so narrow, the US style mirror will get a lot of hits from passing traffic.(like my previous van did) I suppose its unfortunate when you bought the side trim, maybe not realising or knowing, that most of europe have thousands of the shorter TC's :(
  13. Connect owner UK

    Chrome bits.

    Side moulding should fit, as they list the SWB and the LWB version. Your LWB is the same as ours in the UK.
  14. Connect owner UK

    rear seats

    Have you thought of asking this question on the UK Connect forum? UK forum
  15. Connect owner UK

    Passenger seat armrest

    Here is a dearer one, which shows the fitting, but it appears it has to be raised every time you need the handbrake. (I bet you guys miss the old foot operated parking brake, :( Diagram