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  1. PWFX

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    Did you get a Ford Connect Van -or- did you get a Ford Transit Connect Van?
  2. I was wanting to always have my bike with me, with some method of easy in and easy out. Came up with this stand. Thought it might appeal to some of you...
  3. I purchased a hitch for my 2018 TC from: https://www.etrailer.com Well made. Easy install. Happy with the quality.
  4. PWFX

    Shelter In Place

    NYC is now a very different place. To those who don't think they will be affected by this outbreak, think again. I now know too many folks who are ill, and a few who are no longer with us. Stay smart and stay safe...
  5. PWFX

    Shelter In Place

    Being in New York, this pandemic is truly nothing to joke about... although humor is usually what makes the journey called life worth taking. Everyone... stay smart and stay safe.
  6. PWFX

    Roof Rack Hole Plugs

    They easily pop in. Almost felt a bit too easy... but have driven through major storms with no leaks. All 3 different plugs look very similar in person, and identical on the schematics... but they are all slightly different.
  7. PWFX

    Roof Rack Hole Plugs

    I needed those plugs for my 2018 TC. Went to a dealer, looked at the parts schematics, turned out there's actually 3 different sizes that are used, each size comes in a pack of 4.
  8. PWFX

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Actually you can turn the headlights on even if the engine is off and the keys are out of the ignition. Just pull back once on the high-beam lever. Headlights will come on and stay on for about a minute. It's a convenient feature to use when you just need a bit of light to get to the front door.
  9. PWFX

    TPMS question

    TPMS sensor batteries generally last 5-10 years or about 100,000 miles.
  10. PWFX

    TPMS question

    Not sure if you're just wanting the TPMS re-set procedure? This is the procedure I use on my 2018 TC... TPMS sensor reset procedure: 1- Inflate all tires to spec. 2- Ignition switch to OFF then press and release the brake pedal. 3- Turn ignition switch from OFF to RUN 3 times, ending in the RUN position within 10 seconds. 4- Press and release the brake pedal. 5- Ignition switch back to OFF. 6- Ignition switch from OFF to RUN 3 times, ending in the RUN position. within 10 seconds. 7- The horn should sound letting you know the vehicle has entered into TPMS relearn mode. Place the top of the TPMS triggering tool against the sidewall of the driver’s side front tire in the location of the valve stem. Press the button, wait until the horn sounds. 8- Once the horn sounds, move on to the passenger side front tire and repeat the process. Each tire should only take 30 seconds or less. 10) After the passenger side front tire has been learned, continue on to the passenger side rear tire and finishing with the driver’s side rear tire. 11) You may now turn the ignition to OFF. If the horn does not sound, the sensors were learned successfully. If the horn sounds twice, then the process must be repeated because there was a malfunction.
  11. PWFX

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    That was my mod. Was exactly what I wanted... to just raise the seat 2". I tried cushions and such by they really didn't work for me. I would be possible to mount the seat further back but not exactly using the method I used. The method I used simply places a 2" riser under each seat corner and the bolt that originally bolted the seat down has to be swapped for something 2" longer than the original. If you wanted to mount the seat further back you'd have to mount the riser bracket to the floor with one bolt, and mount the seat to the riser bracket with another bolt. Very doable... just different than the picture...
  12. I also have a full panel cargo van. Because I'm in NY and wanted regular passenger plates, I had to put a small porthole window in each rear side per DOT specs. I bought this brand new and the Ford dealer I bought it from advised me I'd have to do this. They did the install and got my plates and registration... so everything was totally "by the book legal". Even so, my insurance company who I've had for years and handles multiple vehicles and property was very, very difficult to deal with. They simply couldn't understand why this vehicle wasn't being registered as a commercial vehicle. I had to keep saying I want passenger plates so I can use the parkways, and per NY DOT this vehicle is now 100% legal to get them. They eventually said yes but were such a pain that when my policy is up for renewal I'll probably look for another company. Boggles the mind...
  13. So, I bought this rack system from the link above. Purchased on Friday and it was shipped from Germany and delivered on Wednesday. Very quick shipping. I checked into the better name brands... Thule, Yakima, etc... but decided the cost was too much for my needs. A couple times a year I might want to transport something that doesn’t easily fit inside... extension ladder, lumber, pipe, etc. Under $500 was my budget. The rails and racks are decent quality. Absolutely good enough for my needs. If I wanted to strap a kayak or luggage carrier on top... it would work just fine. As best I can tell there are no accessory items for this system... just the rails and racks. The frustrating part was 2 of the 6 screws that connect the rails to the roof were too short... how does a manufacturer let this happen? But a trip to Home Depot got the correct length metric screw. And a page of instruction was clearly missing but 5 minutes of pondering figured out how this went together. If a trip to HD wasn’t necessary the installation would have taken about 1-1/2 hours at an easy pace. So far the best solution I’ve seen for this price. I can recommend this system... in spite of the fact it wasn’t 100% complete.
  14. PWFX

    2018 TC Idle Speed Seems Low

    My 2018 idles around 750-800 when warm.
  15. Was this delivered yet? Any thoughts or first impressions?