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  1. wileyone123

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    Im sorry, i didnt realize there was a difference....mine is a Transit Connect....by all means, if U hv a link or pics of a Ford Connect, id like to see them and educate myself a bit more. Mine is the LWB Passenger. both rear(3rd row) seats removed already, and shelving replacing them. I May remove the 60% 2nd row seat also....not sure yet. Planning on putting in a Work station w a small vise....for holding and rekeying locks etc.....not to mention power inverter and LED lighting etc. I wanted a Passenger version cuz i didnt want a Tin-can traveling down the road with all the Noises etc that often come from it......Passenger is carpeted and a headliner etc....with Rear Heat/A/C....making my Office a lot more comfy!
  2. wileyone123

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    Recently picked up my 1st Ford product(ever)....a 15 Connect Passenger...Panther Black Metallic. Fairly clean with 106K. Planning on using it for my Locksmith business and retrofitting the rear interior to fit my needs....and thus looking for others suggestions/images etc.