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  1. I have a ton of Yakima attachments as well and found a set of RailGrab at a used rack store in town. The only issue I have found regarding clearance is when I went to use my Skybox. I am able to get the front set of grips to fit under the bar but the rear grips are not able to fit. I fixed this by shaving the grip a bit an placing a piece of rubber under the RailGrab. The rubber I chose was a hard durometer and was UV and chemical resistant. I check it often to make sure it is still in place and the tower is still solid. Here is the info for the RailGrab https://www.yakima.com/railgrab-4-pack Craigslist is a good source.
  2. has anyone had to remove the grill on a 2016 TC? I'm guessing I'd have to pretty much remove the whole front end. I can see two mounting holes back there that I would like to mount something to. any help would be appreciated.
  3. @windguyI would like to know where you came up with the TSB? I am having a hell of a time finding anything TSB related. My TC's rear heat does not work as well as I think it should, like the rest of you. I would like to have a talk to my service adviser about this issue.
  4. I have a 2016 TC with the factory raised rails (silver). I emailed Yakima and they told me two things. 1: An older Rail Grab system will work and you need a small hook. I found a used set at a used rack store. The good folks there were able to look up to see if older rack systems will work, and they do. https://www.yakima.com/railgrab-4-pack 2: Yakima will be coming out with racks that will fit the factory rails in about 3-4 months. I just installed the Rail Grabs in the like tonight and they seem to fit fine. I'll know more once i carry something.