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  1. It has been a while since I wrote in this forum. 2017 is taking its last breath. Here is what has happened in all that time...NOTHING. Obviously, Ford does not read its forums. I still have no rear seat heat. Also, to make matters even more disappointing, I've been involved in at least four recalls; power steering pump, door latches, sun roof and more. The sun roof was interesting. Mine was leaking and rattling and making all sorts of musical whistling sounds. It took my Ford dealership a month to get the parts. They broke the window trying to remove it (I think it is a $3200.00 piece of glass). Since they "fixed" it, the sunroof cover neither extends or retracts. I took it back to them after making a service appointment. Now the material hangs down like an unglued headliner. I live way out in the country where the Ford dealers have F-150s on the first two rows of their lots. The rest are SUVs and program cars. My dealer had never seen a Transit Connect before (I bought it elsewhere as I was guaranteed at least a six-month wait to get it). I know none of the mechanics had ever seen one. I really want to love this vehicle but I sincerely doubt its longevity. So, I am trying to find even a brochure on the 2018s as perhaps there might be a fix. I cannot find any information on the 2018 Transit Connect. I'd really like to see a 2018. I'd trade my 2014 Titanium for a new one tomorrow if I could be sure a fix was implemented; not only for the heat but for the rubber strips behind the windows that continue to fall off, and a sunroof fix, and bad door latches, etc. I am acutely aware that no vehicle is perfect and some problems will arise but Ford needs to address the issues and either re-engineer some systems or stop selling the vehicle in this country. I am very disappointed with Ford's response (non-existent). The saga continues...
  2. Happy new year. There is a point that is sadly overlooked in all this conversation. We all should have heard directly from Ford with an apology and a fix in their tool box. So many of you are creative and are attempting to explain and remedy the situation sharing facts and techniques and photos and diagrams. That is all good. However, the central fact still remains that Ford has completely ignored its customers and vehicle owners. If they were indeed concerned, the owners and the dealers would be contacted and the problem solved. Instead, the prevailing corporate climate seems to be, "...ignore the problem and it will eventually disappear". The disgruntled owners will busy themselves with their day-to-day lives and not have time to keep pursuing the issue. They will even issue us important-sounding special "case numbers" yet we never hear from them again. The only conclusion I can draw from that type of treatment and mindset is; They don't care and we don't count. It's great way to do business, don't you think? I will continue to pursue this, not only on principle, but also because my passenger's feet are still cold. Please do not give up or resolve yourselves to the idea that a major concern of ours is of no concern to the people at Ford. They owe us an explanation and a solution. mrgone
  3. Windguy; I replaced a Lincoln Town Car (my 90-year-old) mother's with the Transit Connect. I retained my Honda Element as my dog, lumber and dirty stuff hauler. The farthest I got "up the ladder" was to get a case number from Ford. They extended my warranty but offered no solution to the problem, or even that "...[we] are aware of the problem and are working on a fix". It will be interesting to see if the 2016 models have the same rear-seat heating system. As to the "forum" comment, I was speaking solely about this topic, not the forum in general. Adtually, I have not looked at the rest of the forum. it would probably benefit me to do so. I'd love to see what mods can be done. Perhaps my general negatvity will change if I consider the positive aspectds of the vehicle. There was a reason I bought it ,especially after all the research I do. I will not act in haste. Thanks for your insight..
  4. All; While I certainly appreciate the input and possible explanations/solutions as to why the rear heater is ineffective (AND loud), the problem is NOT solved and Ford does not appear to be doing anything. My Transit Connect was 1-year-old in July. Although I will undoubtedly take a beating at trade-in, I am beginning my search for a new vehicle. My Transit Connnect had all the earmarks of being a very cool transporter but the lack of manufacturer involvement and a fix for the problem will keep me from ever again purchasing a Ford product. This is, of course, beside the fact that the rubber trim pieces for the rear windows keep falling off, the rear gate is difficult to close due to lack of a good handhold system, and...months ago I received a recall notice about a fuel pump problem that could strand me on the roadside. The real problem is that Ford cannot supply its dealers with the correct parts to fix this possibly debilitating malady. A Transit in my dealer's service lot waited a month for the part. The customer had to drive a different vehicle (not a Transit) while awaiting service. Yes, the dealer furnished an alternate vehicle but the point is, NO person/vehicle should have to wait a month for a part Ford knew was defective. I am on a waiting list. Some recall. While I am certain Ford does produce some good vehicles, the Transit Connect should have had evaluation by American drivers on American roads in all american seasons before unleashing this vehicle on the unsuspecting public. If they had, this forum would not be taking place.
  5. To CarlB28: I have already been informed by my local dealer that the diagram appears as you stated. That, however, does not get my passengers' feet warm. And in response to gpsracerx. I am with you all the way. They are "looking at a future upgrade"?! They can start with your vehicle and mine and carlb28 and all others who are suffering this ridiculous problem.m And they can upgrade our vehicles now. My question for all of you is this; Why aren't the dealers contacting Ford directly with our concerns? It will be the dealers who will bear the brunt of our complaints and run the risk of diminishing repeat business. I find it interesting that Ford is not reading this sponsored forum and contacting us directly or en masse to "assist" their customers.
  6. We are aware of the B-pillar vents but they only blow tepid air. Air and heat from under the driver's seat is non-existent. My rear seat passengers would like to have their feet warm. Hot air rises. Any heat from the B-pillar vents is dissipated upwards and the cold air (all of it) settles to the floor. I am considering this a very poor design. Still waiting to hear from Ford.
  7. Happy New Year! In the past 50 years I have owned: Camaro, Saab 96, Peugot 504, 5 Volkswagens (21-Window Bus, Beetle, Type 3, Rabbit, Jetta), 2 Volvos (240 wagon, 760 turbo wagon), 2 Mercedes Benz's, Toyota Corolla SR5, GMC Suburban, Honda Element (which I still have and love) and a 1954 Dodge M-37 military truck. Among that widely diverse collection of vehicles, I have NEVER had a heating issue (except for the M-37 that has no heater). Even the VW Bus had a very capable gas-fired rear heater. My Element is completely warm in less than 1/2 mile, no matter how low the air temperature. The Transit Connect LWB Wagon Titanium is my first Ford. To say the least, I am not thrilled. To Easy; it is quite amazing that you received an "escalated" case number because of a Twitter entry. That would illustrate that Ford is not reading its' owners' forums. Also, I just had the dealership perform the initial service and oil change and I was assured that all fluid levels are correct. To Windguy: The heating issue of which we speak has nothing to do with the heated front seats (which work well on my TC). To Carlb28: You mention a temporary "workaround". Again, I must stress; a $32,000 vehicle that needs a temporary workaround for what is obviously a poor design?! I'll go looking for a Honda Odyssey, even used. Ford can do all the temporary workarounds they want but I should not have to suffer their mistakes (as I continue making payments).
  8. Please advise as to how your rear seating heating system is operating. I am totally fed up with Ford telling me that cold air blowing on my passengers (when the exterior temeperature is 20F) is normal. This is a poorly designed system and needs an apology and a fix from Ford. My biggest problem is that in over 50 years of driving everything from Camaro to multiple Volkswagens, Pugeot 504, Saab 96, GMC Suburban, Toyota, Volvo 240 wagon and Volvo 760 turbo wagon, and Honda Element (which I still have and love), this is the first time I ever considered even looking at a Ford...and this is my experience. My Element is completely warm and comfortable within minutes after starting no matter how cold it is. I've lived in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Duluth, Chicago, Boston and Virginia Beach. I am very experienced with cold weather. The Transit Connect is the first vehicle that has not had an adequate rear heater. Why? Perhaps the weather is much more moderate in Valencia, Spain (where it was built). Or perhaps it is just a Ford thing. I am more than disappointed. By the way, I paid more than $350.00 to my dealer for the two crossbars for the roof on my Transit Connect. They had to special order them. I fail to consider that price inexpensive.
  9. Update on rear heater (or lack thereof) problem. I have taken my car to two dealerships for evaluation of the rear heating situation. Both gave me relatively the same answer. "...the heater under the driver's seat is an electric supplemental heater...", "...it's a crappy design...", "...I [mechanic] just told the sales staff to expect a lot of complaints about this [heating system]...", "...we test-drove your vehicle and a new one we have in stock and neither had passenger heating...", "The owner of the dealership came out and he also confirmed that no heat was getting to the rear passenger area", "...this is not right. We'll get to the bottom of this for you and us". And so on. The dealership master mechanic said he spent an hour-and-a-half testing, trying different setting configurations and studying on-line manuals and schematics. I'll paraphrase; "It's a lousy design. There is no possible way for the supplemental heater to produce enough heat to keep your passenger's feet warm. The "B" pillar vents blow cold air and there is NO heat coming from under the driver's seat. This is a poorly designed system". So, in conclusion of this discovery phase of my heating problem, I now know that I paid $32,000.00 for a vehicle that does not have a rear heater even thought there are controls for one on the center/rear console. When I purchased the vehicle in mid-July, was I supposed to verify that the rear heating system was adequate? In 50-years of driving every imaginable type of automobile, I never had a vehicle heating system like this. Now will come the challenge of dealing with Ford to somehow remedy this situation to my satisfaction, or other steps will have to be taken. Stay tuned.
  10. 5800 miles on my Connect. Can get NO heat or air from rear heater. Took it to dealer and was given a rather cryptic answer (which I will paraphrase): "...rear heater is an electric supplemental unit that only operates when coolant temperature is below 140 degrees..." Nope, I'm not buying that. There is NO heat or air coming from the floor under the driver's seat. With the rear center console adjusted to maximum both in heat and air, I get nothing but alot of blower noise from the "unit" under the seat. No heat. No air. The rear heater, with its' seperate controls, should function as it does in any vehicle. My passenger's feet are cold. I cannot imagine a brand new vehicle without rear heat. If anyone has had this problem, post it or tell me some mysterious incantations or manipulations that will make the seemingly simple system function properly. I have called Ford customer service and I now have a case number and have an appointment to visit another dealer. Thanks. Mr. Gone