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  1. When I inquired it was $375. Then another $100-$125 to get it to Alaska. Kuat is coming out w/ something similar for $300 that I can get from REI so I have a place to return it if there is a problem. http://www.bikemag.com/gear/kuat-pivot-allows-2-hitch-rack-swing-away/
  2. stopbreakindown

    Ford Transit Connect Custom Builds

    Just wanted to show off the TCLWB Installed some Thule bars and a Maggiolina Roof top tent, swapped interior lights to LED and thats pretty much it for now. We can use it as a daily driver and it sleeps 4 if we want to go camping and hit some trails
  3. If you would like an add on to swing the bike rack away from the lift gate check out http://rakattach.com/
  4. stopbreakindown

    bike haulers; what fits how.

    4 bikes hanging off the hitch Roof top tent to sleeps 2 Fold down the seats sleeps 2 more
  5. stopbreakindown

    TC aftermarket wheels

    Thanks for the tip on some Volvo wheels fitting our TCs. Found a set of studded tires on some American Racing wheels in OEM/Volvo fitment on the cheap. Swapped the studs to the factory steel rims and threw the contis on the alloys. Looks sooo much better
  6. stopbreakindown

    2014 TC on 215/65R16 BFG AllTerrain KO2

    Looks like the OP never followed up with his results and I am after the same information. Soooo, anyone running 215/65r16 tires on stock rims? I just picked up a new to me 15' TC LWB and live in Alaska. Looking around for a winter wheelset and happened to come across a studded tire package on rims from a 2010 Volvo XC70 which happens to share the same oddball rim/lug specs with about 4 seasons on them. Should have a little of the tread worn off and will replace with stock size tires when needed Thanks in advance