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  1. 4String

    TC aftermarket wheels

    mrtn: they DO look like blender blades! Too funny. Was actually my second choice. First choice set were going out of production, so I chose these. A fortunate change positive in my opinion. Thanks for for the comments. Still looking for a rear wing (spoiler) that will fit. I've had no luck so far. Tom
  2. 4String

    Interior door panels

    I promised I would post pics of the panel change I made in my 17 XLT. i bought the ABS plastic sheet from TAP plastics for about $70. I re-used the plastic clips from the stock Masonite panels. They are virtually the same thickness. The ABS is 1/8" I believe. Anyway, bought a saw blade made for cutting plastic. HUGE difference from a fine metal cutting blade. Very impressive smooth cuts. I traced th old panels to the new material, and drilled undersized holes for the clips, to insure a tight fit. It took awhile, and takes a bit of time to cut the door pieces. Looks FAR better that the cheap looking Masonite panels. now unable to load more pics?
  3. 4String

    TC aftermarket wheels

    These wheels are exactly the same dimension as stock. 16x6.5, 5x108, 50mm offset, 63mm center bore. Just installed yesterday. Didn't want fitment issues, and wanted to keep everything within the sheet metal. They are painted aluminum, made in Germany, 'rial' brand. They were $108 each, and came with lug nuts. Really happy with the look.
  4. 4String

    Interest in interior panel kit?

    I replaced ALL of the Masonite panels with textured ABS from Tap Plastics for $65. I traced the old panels, and reused the plastic clips. I matched the thickness, no rattles. Looks great! A jig saw and one day of my labor is all it took.
  5. 4String

    Interior clips

    I bought a pack of 4 at my dealer for $9. $12 for one? Somebody needs to be shot!!!
  6. 4String

    Insulating your van

    I just joined this forum a few moments ago, but I have some useful info. My 17 LWB TC came with Masonite door panels, as they all do. Hated the look. Went to Tap Plastics looking for sheet PVC to replace it, but the lady at the counter suggested textured ABS panel in black, which matches the rest of the interior. $65 is all I spent for panels on all 4 doors and it looks great. I traced the existing panels to the new ABS with a lite-colored Sharpie and cut it with a portable jig saw. Took some time, but worth it. I under-sized the hole in the panel to insure a tight fit. Thickness of the ABS same as the Masonite being 1/8". Cannot address the insulation issue, but this stuff is much lighter in weight that wood paneling. I will try to post photos in the near future.