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  1. cdiesel

    Missing and Engine Cutting out

    have they replaced your main fuel filter ? i assume your "cogged gear" is a check engine warning light? the FORD dealer should have a computer diagnostic read out for a fault code, and should have had an intellegent explaination for you as to what the code(s) were ? if you basic fuel filter is clogged with sediment, moisture, all the normal diesel fuel nastyness that occurs, begin with that. Never hurts to have clean diesel filter(s) the problem you describe is dangerous, and if it occurs while your in the fast lane ?......... well lets just say the dealer should see your truckette again soon and repair it properly. Cheers from accross the pond c.d.
  2. cdiesel

    Weather Stripping Fell Off

    yup - my drivers door rubber seal (glued to body at door opening - top center) is coming off at it's middle, will either clean and reglue with WURTH rubber adheasive, or really thin black high tac butyl rubber strip
  3. vacation transport vintage BMW motorcycle (R27) carrier out of print motor books and ephemera import car / european motorcycle swap meet transporter general flea market set up transporter - filled to ceiling and over flow up on the roof in 40" long THULE cargo basket daily commuter, groceries, catching and releasing woodchucks/skunks&racoons - they love the ride to the next town ! love the BLUETOOTH and voice commands 3,000 miles since June '11 Silver Wagon XLT
  4. cdiesel


    ....AND THULE makes adapter feet to fit the mounting holes on the roof - I have a THULE basket mounted on the feet with square cross bars. will post a photo in the future. Folks love the look of the 40" long basket. Style of basket fits the short / Tall vehicle looks
  5. I say when my truckette grows up, it wants to be a Sprinter. Been 'selling' it to everyone I meet at bike/car shows
  6. cdiesel

    Transmission leak

    maybe wait for another GB owner with standard gear box to answer read your owners manual purchase a repair manual - available in print - as I have noted elsewhere this site everyone in America has Automatic - no sticks here http://www.helminc.com/helm/Result.asp?Style=helm&Mfg=FMC&Make=FRD&Model=TRCO&Year=2011&Category=1&Keyword=&Module=&selected%5Fmedia=
  7. cdiesel

    Fuel mileage

    25 mpg @ 75 ...80 mph 2,000 miles on the truckette now Love It.
  8. cdiesel

    factory horn location

    yup - lay on yer back under the drivers front corner and see the original single horn up inside the inner wheel well I also installed HELLA Triple air trumpets inside the same compartment the sound really makes people giggle - just like the appearance of the truckette - and they get out of your way!! http://www.rallylights.com/detail.aspx?ID=407 http://www.rallylights.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=59
  9. link to order repair manuals order from www.helminc.com I've got all three - great! http://www.helminc.com/helm/Result.asp?Style=helm&Mfg=FMC&Make=FRD&Model=TRCO&Year=2011&Category=1&Keyword=&Module=&selected%5Fmedia= Service and Owner Information > Ford > 2011 > Transit Connect > Shop/Service Information 2011 TRANSIT CONNECT WORKSHOP MANUAL Price: $180.00 In Stock Pkg Qty: 1 Media: Paper Language: English Item/Part #: FCS2103111 Models and Years Covered Developed by Ford Motor Company, this shop manual provides detailed repair instruction written by the manufacterer. Information contained in each body type specific manual has been developed to aid technicians in diagnosing and repairing vehicle components and systems. Each manual covers the entire vehicle bumper to bumper including specifications, diagnosis and testing, in vehicle repairs, component removal and installation and complete engine and transmission rebuilding. Service and Owner Information > Ford > 2011 > Transit Connect > Powertrain/Emissions/Transmission 2011 POWERTRAIN CONTROL EMISSION DIAGNOSIS GAS ONLY Price: $145.00 In Stock Pkg Qty: 1 Media: Paper Language: English Item/Part #: FCS1210611A Models and Years Covered Information contained within this official Ford Motor Company reference manual provides the user a step-by-step approach for diagnosing drivability, emission and power train control system symptoms. This manual should be used in conjunction with the Shop Manual and Wiring Diagram. Service and Owner Information > Ford > 2011 > Transit Connect > Wiring Diagrams 2011 TRANSIT CONNECT WIRING DIAGRAM Price: $79.00 In Stock Pkg Qty: 1 Media: Paper Language: English Item/Part #: FCS2102911 Models and Years Covered Detailed wiring schematics, illustrations and component descriptions developed by Ford Motor Company. Information contained in each vehicle specific manual, has been developed to aid technicians in diagnosing and repairing vehicle wiring and electrical systems. Each manual covers the entire vehicle bumper to bumper including connectors, splices, grounds and component location and testing.
  10. cdiesel

    big end bearing

    3"+ thick printed Repair Manual became available (here in America) last month Great diagrams, part numbers, and all the rest to take it apart. Also Electric diagnostic manual available. and better for you, in the UK, a DVD edition of the Repair Manual for the Brit Market for just 8 pounds here-=> http://repairbooks.co.uk/fordtransitemanual/index.htm
  11. cdiesel


    2011 Transit Connect XLT Wagon Silver
  12. cdiesel


    WOW! from MINI Cooper S to Transit Connect ?!?! nice move, Steering and throttle responce a little slower ? I'm thinking of adding a FIAT 500 to compliment my TC.
  13. cdiesel


    if you have remote control keys - then yes - they damaged wiring running to the steering column area for the remote locking module - better get it to a FORD dealer for an accurate damage estimate and get yer insurance involved. Possible just a repair of the broken harness? but some disassembly will be needed, of course.
  14. cdiesel

    Rear Door Panel Removal

    45220c is the storage/net in the rear doors which are included in the XLT Wagon Premium - which also has the rear side venting windows, and rear side interior trim panels covering the rear wheel humps from the brochure: "With the new XLT Premium, you also get a 4-speaker audio system, enhanced rear-cargo area trim including a storage pocket in the door, rear-quarter flip-open windows and more..."
  15. cdiesel

    Interior rear view mirror vision

    I actually like the blind spot caused by the middle of the doors - being higher up than a passenger car - no more light glare - and with the privacy glass tint - no need for flicking the mirror to 'night' - following lights arn't an issue. I just keep scaning both outside mirrors - which you should do anyway as a good driver knowing what's around you at all times. The PDC (rear parking sensors) do a great job for backing. I'm sure if all of you think your headlight and fog lights aren't very good, go by your Owner's handbook - headlight alignment against a wall on level ground. Mine were way too low, and my fogs also way too low. You can reach up behind the lower chin lip to hand turn the plastic gear adjuster on the left side of the fog light housings (laying on yer back of course) enjoy your TC yes - i replaced my white fog bulbs with yellow bulbs (i think i'm in france)